Anti-money laundering quango ‘adds no value’ – Law Society

first_imgThe Law Society has signalled its ‘deep concern’ over proposals for a new quango to monitor anti-money laundering supervision, claiming its running costs will impose ‘unnecessary costs’ on the profession.In a consultation response, Chancery Lane says the planned Office for Professional Body Anti-Money Laundering Supervision (OPBAS) would ‘add no more value’ than an adequately resourced HM Treasury.The Financial Conduct Authority is tasked with implementing the office, which will oversee the adequacy of supervisory arrangements at 22 professional bodies including the Law Society and Solicitors Regulation Authority.Each body will be charged a fee to recover the office’s running costs.A consultation paper published in July estimated the quango will  cost £2m, shared by all 22 bodies, with a further £39,800 per body added on top to account for ‘additional tasks’. The FCA stressed however that the estimate is only for the purposes of the consultation paper’s cost-benefit analysis and that it would consult on fees ‘in due course’.Last month, in an initial response, the Society said the case had ‘not been made’ for introducing the office.In its formal consultation response the Society adds that it expects both it and the SRA will have to increase resources to support engagement with the office.‘It is too early for us to estimate the cost but it is likely to be substantial,’ the response states.last_img read more

Denzel Washington is being called a hero after coming to homeless man’s rescue

first_imgABC/Heidi Gutman(LOS ANGELES) — A video featuring actor Denzel Washington is going viral for how he comforted a black homeless man in distress and stayed with him when police responded. With the African American community seeking justice for the May 25 death of George Floyd, Denzel is being hailed a real life hero for his deed.TMZ was first to report on the interaction, where a homeless man had wandered in the way of oncoming traffic.  It is unknown if it was accidental or deliberate.The video footage, which was filmed on May 21, shows the 65-year-old Flight actor leaving his vehicle and walking over to the man wearing a blue hoodie.  After engaging in a brief discussion, Denzel guides him to the safety of the sidewalk and keeps talking to him.It should be noted that while Washington was wearing a face mask during their interaction, the homeless man was not.  When police arrived for questioning, the Academy Award winner was filmed placing a comforting hand on the man’s shoulder.  He doesn’t leave as police remain on scene. Eventually, police choose to detain the homeless man, although a reason was not provided.  As officers handcuff the man, Denzel is seen talking him through the arrest.  He even tries to give the man some orange juice, which is taken by one of the officers.The Los Angeles Police Department has not responded to questions for comment nor did they provide details on what the man was charged with.  TMZ reports that he was released.In addition, a representative for Washington declined commenting on the matter. The video has since gone viral on Twitter with people praising the actor for using peaceful tactics to prevent the already delicate situation from potentially escalating.By Megan StoneCopyright © 2020, ABC Audio. All rights reserved.last_img read more

Creative Cloud Extract Streamlines Your Work

first_imgPhotoshop composites the assets and saves them in the Assets queue, which is connected to the PSD file.The options in the Assets queue allow you to export the files in whatever resolutions or file formats you choose, including SVG. Yes, you can finally export SVGs out of Photoshop.Note you can export in multiple resolutions, Photoshop exports the files at one time in however many resolutions you select.View PSD Files in the BrowserIn the Extract Assets dialog box, select the “Open in Creative Cloud” link to open a synchronized version of the desktop file in Creative Cloud, with all the gradients, fonts, everything in the PSD. You can invite other people to collaborate on the file. And those people don’t need a Creative Cloud account.They can view the live synchronized version of the file in the browser. It’s a PSD file that allows them to interact with all the Photoshop layers in the browser, without needing Photoshop.CSS can be extracted, assets can be downloaded, and distances between objects can be easily found.When Paul Gubbay, Adobe’s Vice-President of Web and Design, spoke about Creative Cloud Extract at Adobe MAX today, he compared it to Firebug in the browser, except Extract is for PSD files.Dreamweaver CCIn addition to Photoshop integration, Creative Cloud Extract has been integrated into Dreamweaver CC. The new version of Dreamweaver CC now has access to your Creative Cloud storage, which allows you to go from PSD comps to code.When you use Extract to open a PSD in Dreamweaver CC, you’ll have access to the same types of functionality you had in the browser. But since Dreamweaver CC is connected to the Creative Cloud, you can do a lot more.For example, if you have a gradient in your PSD, select the layer containing the gradient. Dreamweaver will display code hints pulled from the Photoshop layer. You can start typing in Dreamweaver, press Enter, and all the gradient information, along with any vendor prefixing will be added to the stylesheet.Yes, there’s now real-time code-hinting in Dreamweaver from a PSD stored in Creative Cloud and shared with you. It works for any image, text, fonts, etc., in the PSD file.By selecting a Photoshop layer containing text, you can highlight the text and copy the styles to your clipboard. Using Live View in Dreamweaver, paste the CSS onto the selector you want. What a quick way to style text!For images, select the Photoshop layer containing the image. Drag the image to the Dreamweaver area where you want to place the image. You have the option to save the image in whatever format you like. Press Enter, and the image is downloaded from Creative Cloud, resized to the size for that area, and saved to your hard drive.I’m impressed with the new Creative Cloud Extract feature. It adds all kinds of functionality that designers have wanted for a long time. I’m looking forward to using it, how about you?Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Like this:Like Loading…Related5 New Features in Photoshop CC 2015 [Video]With Adobe’s announcement this week of Creative Cloud 2015, design professionals have a wealth of new features and improvements in Creative Cloud applications to try out on their desktop and mobile devices. Fifteen desktop applications were updated and two new iOS mobile apps added to Creative Cloud. In addition, Adobe…In “Web design”How Creative Collaboration Has Evolved From the 1960s to Today [Infographic]If someone asked you today what online tools you use, your answer might include Google Apps, Adobe Creative Suite, or Dropbox. They’re three of hundreds of creative collaboration tools in the cloud that allow team members and clients to stay connected and easily share ideas. But did you know cloud…In “Internet”Three Helpful Features in Google Drive Announced at Google I/O 2014At yesterday’s Google I/O developer conference, Google announced many new updates to Google Drive. Among the updates you’ll see are a new interface, improved file management options, and faster speed on mobile and desktop. Three of the features quickly caught my attention. Two new features are related to file management;…In “Internet” Along with other Adobe users, I was excited to watch today’s Adobe MAX livestream to learn about the new Creative Cloud features, tools and applications. The feature that caught my eye was the Creative Cloud Extract for desktop applications. What an amazing new feature! If you work in Photoshop CC or Dreamweaver CC, Creative Cloud Extract has just made your job easier.Creative Cloud Extract allows you to easily extract content from a PSD, for example, text, images, CSS, font information, or gradients. You don’t use it to edit files; it’s read-only.Here’s how Creative Cloud Extract works in Photoshop CC:Open a PSD fileSelect the objects you want to get out of the PSD fileSelect File > Extract Assetslast_img read more

Steve Jobs Wins: Adobe to Give Up Mobile Flash for HTML5

first_imgAlt title: A Win for the Web.Sources close to the news have told ZDNet reporter Jason Perlow tonight that Adobe will announce soon that it has given up on the development of mobile flash and will increase its investment in supporting HTML5. The company will say, according to an email published by Perlow, that it will encourage app developers to work with the cross-platform Adobe AIR platform to be distributed across mobile app stores, a caveat that could mean the news is less dramatic than it might seem. Rather than building with AIR for mobile, though, it seems likely that more developers will focus on HTML5 instead.Feisty Twitter user Counternotions quotes Adobe’s CEO from 2010 “Technology problems [w/ Flash] Mr. Jobs mentions…are ‘really a smokescreen.’” Apple’s refusal to go with the glitchy, gloppy proprietary protocol that performs poorly on Apple devices had to be a big part of what turned the tide. Adobe prints giant piles of money from sales of its Flash authoring tools. (Point aptly critiqued below in comments, by the way. Flash on the desktop remains alive and relatively well.)Update: Adobe published this statement today.Apple CEO Jobs explained why he was opposed to the inclusion of support for Flash on Apple mobile devices in the Spring of 2010. Sarah Perez summarized his arguments as follows:It’s proprietary.Most Web video plays on the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPadWho needs Flash games? We have apps for that.Flash has poor security.Flash doesn’t perform well on mobile devices.Flash negatively affects battery life.Flash was designed for PCs, not touchscreens.Adobe contested those arguments of course, and Google was happy to support Flash on Android. At least one prominent benchmarking test found HTML5’s performance to be comparable to Flash’s. The European Union went so far as to consider forcing Apple to support Flash on the iPhone.Adobe began offering an experimental Flash to HTML5 conversion technology this Spring.Perlow, who broke the story tonight, has been a Senior Technology Editor at CBS’s ZDNet since 2008 and was a Senior Editor at Linux Magazine for ten years prior.The leaked news from Adobe says that the company will “continue to support the current Android and PlayBook configurations with critical bug fixes and security updates.” That doesn’t mean much for future configurations of those Operating Systems.ZDNet’s Microsoft specialist Mary Jo Foley reported earlier today that Silverlight may be slated for an imminent demise as well. Open standards FTW.[Note: This post was written in a hurry but delayed until Flash and AIR apps on my Mac could be force quit. It’s running much better now.] Tags:#mobile#web Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces marshall kirkpatrick Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagementcenter_img Related Posts What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … The Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technologylast_img read more

Cartoon: Ways to Improve Cloud Security

first_imgTags:#cloud#Virtualization Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Related Posts david strom (click to enlarge)SHI Cloud CLOUDVILLE Cartoon by Dave Blazek is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. Based on a work at Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting We continue our series of cartoons from Cloudville, that mythical but somewhat familiar place where the laws of IT don’t quite seem to apply. This week we take another look at cloud security, and it reminds me of Doc Searls buzzword generator that you can find here if you want even more humor in your life. A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

Team “Virtualization”

first_imgI look forward to passing on the BKM’s I am discovering in the areas of virtualization management as I consult with Intel customers around the world. . .and, I may throw in a few additional cycling tidbits because as you all now know: cycling and virtualization are surprisingly parallel!Mark How Intel is taking advantage of the advances in virtualization management, and how is this impacting operational efficiencies?  What are your experiences with virtualization management?What are the best strategies/Best Known Methods (BKM’s) for implementing and using management with server virtualization? How can an integrated lifecycle management approach help in our virtualization implementations? What have you seen with the role of automation in reducing costs? Last Sunday concluded the Amgen Tour of California bike race which, for those who don’t follow cycling, was a 9 day road race through California covering 780 miles.  The eventual winner, Levi Leipheimer, won by only 36 seconds in overall time to the number two finisher!Now, you may ask, “What does cycling have to do with virtualization?”  Well, many customers believe that the VMM or core virtualization software, in itself, is what “virtualization” means.  It is true that the VMM is the core and most obvious part of virtualization, but all the supporting components around virtualization: management, security, automation, provisioning, reliability, performance, etc. are what actually allow it’s users to achieve the ROI they’re expecting and the reduction in TCO from implementing this new paradigm.  If your looking for a start to trying to determining the ROI of a virtualization implementation with Intel take a look at Intel’s ROI Estimator. ( .When I watched my first bike race, I didn’t get it.  Cycling seemed an individual sport, each rider trying to ride the course, on his own, with the fastest time, in a large group of riders.  Now I realize that what cycling really is, is a team sport. Each team is comprised of a complex network of riders, each with different roles.  Levi’s team, “Team Astana”, like all teams, has a large support staff that you don’t see, comprised of coaches, strategists, mechanics, etc.  Everyone has a role to play in trying to get just one team rider over the finish line the fastest.The supporting components of virtualization that play key roles in providing virtualization’s true value include a network of software and hardware components.  On the hardware side, Intel’s latest 6-Core Xeon 7400 CPU, improves performance by as much as 50% from previous generation processors ( It pays to have a fast machine.  Much like Levi’s high tech roadbike. (  In future BLOGs I’d like to try and help answer the following questions:last_img read more

Football According to report Michigan quarterback Wilton Speight out for rest of

Michigan junior quarterback Wilton Speight (3) looks downfield for an open receiver during first-half action against Central Florida at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor, Mich., on Saturday, Sept. 10. Courtesy of TNSThe final regular season game for Ohio State against Michigan will kickoff without the Wolverines starting signal-caller. In Michigan’s loss against Iowa on Saturday, redshirt sophomore quarterback Wilton Speight reportedly broke his collarbone.The injury will keep Speight out for the remainder of the regular season. According to, the redshirt sophomore could return to the Wolverines for a bowl game, but will not be able to play for the next two weeks.Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh denied the report on his weekly radio show, saying that a doctor had not told him Speight would be unavailable for the rest of the regular season.Although injuries are never a positive note, the Buckeyes could benefit from the absence of Speight, who has thrown for 2,156 yards and 15 touchdowns this season. John O’Korn, a senior transfer from Houston, is likely to start against the Hoosiers.O’Korn has thrown just 18 passes this year, two of which were for touchdowns.The last time a backup quarterback started a game at Ohio Stadium, the Buckeyes were on the wrong end of a 17-14 affair with Michigan State. This time, OSU will have more time to prepare for a different quarterback, considering then-junior Tyler O’Connor replaced injured Michigan State starter Connor Cook just before kickoff, last year. The announcement of the injury comes two weeks before The Game. Although history has a tendency to repeat itself, this is an instance in which the Buckeyes hope to rewrite the story. read more

Ohio State offense makes progress in victory over Western Michigan

OSU redshirt junior quarterback Cardale Jones (12) attempts a pass during a game against Western Michigan at Ohio Stadium on Sept. 26. OSU won, 38-12. Credit: Muyao Shen / Asst. Photo EditorThe Ohio State offense had not performed up to its expectations in its first two home games. In each contest, the defense dominated while the offense did just enough to preserve victory.But after the performance against Western Michigan on Saturday, it appears the offense is beginning to get its wheels in motion after the sluggish start.“I think we started to see some things come together today that were exciting,” co-offensive coordinator and offensive line coach Ed Warinner said following OSU’s 38-12 win.The excitement Warinner mentioned was seen from the offense’s first time out onto the turf. It took the Buckeyes just three plays and 49 seconds to travel 65 yards for the game’s first touchdown.Junior running back Ezekiel Elliott was able to get to the edge and pick up 26 yards on the drive’s second play, which set up redshirt junior Cardale Jones’ connection with redshirt junior wide receiver Michael Thomas for a 38-yard score.It was a much different opening drive than the last two weeks.Last week against Northern Illinois, Jones threw an interception, while a botched snap on the punt resulted in a turnover on downs the game prior versus Hawaii.“I felt like that was a great spark,” Thomas said of the first series.The opening drive alone featured two plays over 20 yards, which is the same amount the OSU offense had in the entire two previous games.Big plays — which coach Urban Meyer said were an emphasis for the team during his Monday press conference — ended up being a key part of the game, whether it be those OSU connected on or the numerous ones that were left unfulfilled.The Buckeyes finished with six plays of over 20 yards, but that number had the potential to be much higher had it not been for underthrown passes by Jones, which Meyer called “alarming.”Jones finished with a career-high 288 yards, two touchdowns and one interception — which came on an underthrown pass to redshirt sophomore H-back Jalin Marshall in the end zone.The Cleveland native said he was pleased with his performance — which Meyer called just “OK” — but knowing the amount of big plays that could have been bothered Jones.“Oh my god,” he said when asked about throws he left short. “We could have put up a couple more touchdowns, but just the simple fact that it was my fault for the underthrown ball.”To eradicate the missed long throws, both Thomas and Jones said it comes down to trust.Thomas said the quarterback needs to trust the receiving corps to track the ball down. But after showing they have the ability to get beyond the defense, he thinks Jones will now just “put it out there” for the receivers to go get.However, when Jones did trust the receivers, the results were there.Jones found Marshall deep early in the second quarter for a 37-yard touchdown to make the game 14-0.Later in the period, he completed a 40-yarder to sophomore H-back Curtis Samuel — who also had another big play on a dazzling 40-yard touchdown run in the second half that displayed his versatility.Despite the missed opportunities, the offense’s 511-yard performance could stand as a momentum builder for the Buckeyes.“The offense did make strides today. We shot ourselves in the foot a couple times with some penalties, but we did make strides,” Elliott said. “We got some momentum and you kind of got a sneak peek of what the Buckeye offense could look like when we’re going.”The next glimpse at the OSU offense is set to be on Oct. 3 against undefeated Indiana in Bloomington, Indiana. Kickoff is scheduled for 3:30 p.m. read more

Gallery Mens Basketball at Indiana

The Ohio State Men’s Basketball team played Indiana on Feb. 10 at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall in Bloomington, Ind. Ohio State won 55-52. Photos by Casey Cascaldo Ohio State sophomore forward Kaleb Wesson (34) and Indiana sophomore forward Justin Smith (3) reach for the jump ball as the Ohio State-Indiana game begins on Feb. 10. Ohio State won 55-52. Credit: Casey Cascaldo | Photo Editor