Business leaders see trouble as homeless flock to Manhattan hotels

first_imgTagsbusiness improvement districtVideo Share via Shortlink Share on FacebookShare on TwitterShare on LinkedinShare via Email Share via Shortlinkcenter_img As the city’s restaurants and shops look to bounce back, they’re contending with some serious quality-of-life issues.Nearly 20 percent of the city’s hotels are providing shelter for homeless New Yorkers. The impact on the surrounding streetscape is hard to miss.“When you’re in the business as long as I’ve been, you get to recognize what somebody on heroin looks like,” explained Dan Biederman, head of three business improvement districts in Midtown. “There are a lot of street conditions we’ve never seen in all of our years of running the BIDs.”Barbara Askins, head of the 125th Street Business Improvement District in Harlem, concurred. She said she now has to ask several loiterers to step aside — instead of the usual one — so she can enter her office building.Some stores covered their windows with plywood at the start of the shutdown and more boarded up after looting broke out. Biederman said perhaps a quarter of his districts’ stores that erected plywood have yet to remove it.Although that is temporary, he fears store owners and landlords will replace their open, grated-style barriers with unsightly solid gates that he spent years trying to banish.“We’re quite worried owners and tenants will put solid gates back in once the plywood goes down,” said Biederman, who runs the BIDs for the areas around Bryant Park, Grand Central Terminal and 34th Street. (They should not: According to a 2009 city law, solid gates left in place may remain until July 2026, but only see-through gates may be installed.)Biederman joined Askins and Jessica Lappin, president of the Alliance for Downtown New York, Wednesday evening for a TRD Talks webinar to discuss issues facing BIDs. Restaurants were allowed to open for outdoor dining and retail shops for curbside pickup June 22 as the city entered phase 2 of reopening.Lawmakers had planned to allow indoor dining to resume on a limited basis on Monday. But this week Gov. Andrew Cuomo pushed that back indefinitely, saying it’s not yet safe given how the virus typically spreads.Lappin, a former City Council member, said restaurateurs are already despondent, and the longer timeline means fewer will be able to stay in business.“It took the city an awfully long time to come up with rules for outdoor dining, which I’m glad that they did and we’ve been working with them, but it’s not that complicated,” she said. “I think it’s going to be grim and I think a lot of these restaurants won’t survive.”Crime statistics are also on the rise, which has many concerned that New York is sliding back to the “bad old days” of the 1970s through the mid ’90s.“It’s not all the way back to the way it was, but the signs of it getting there are changing every day,” Askins said.The panelists agreed that with cuts to the city budget, businesses will look more to BIDs to provide services.Contact Rich Bockmann at [email protected] or 908-415-5229last_img read more

What a woman games journalist experiences in a week

first_img 2 months ago My partner has been a writer for just over five years, she has received only one death threat, this is the same amount I have experienced in the same amount of time. We are no pushers of the status quo; both of us write to agitate for regionalism, direct democracy for England on a local level, and environmental action. What we write is controversial. Online harassment caused us both to lose our jobs twice; as Antifa labeled us Fascists despite us being Anarcho-Syndicalists. The general public however has not harassed us despite us writing for larger-scale changes to society than intersectionality based writers.The difference is that we don’t create a dualistic image of the world, we don’t actively target groups that capital has declared it okay to target, your writings tend to fall for the usual scapegoats and blame the little man rather than punching up against market engineered consumerism. You falsify issues such as players disliking female characters, you proceed to show an image of Lara Croft, a poster woman of gaming adored by males, Aloy from Zero Dawn has from day one been loved by male consumers. Your language “deal with it” implies a reasonable amount of people are against such characters and that you’re there to scold them for not consuming as you do, for not thinking as you do. It is clear from what each gender is playing currently ( that in fact the award-winning, record-breaking, action-adventure games you shared were largely purchased by males. If your message had been affirmative of women rather than an accusation…You’re right regarding the harassment and hyperbole surrounding writing today but you must understand this crosses any industry, racial or gender-related lines. Writers are seen as a bigger, more powerful part of society than they are, I get accused of writing “Just to get votes”, yet the organisation I write for is not a political party. The responses you’re screenshotting are largely the irony enjoyed by the young far-right such as ZoomerWaffen, they’re more harmless than you think, but I know that fear it can create for days, I feel the same when Antifa shared my content under false assertions.Doxxing is a massive danger, my partner has been doxxed and it prompted us to move so she wasn’t on public transport for hours a day, The problem becomes not what you say or write but what others can falsely paint it as and convince others of.Stop blaming the little man, punch up, other than that a great article. 1Sign inorRegisterto rate and replySign in to contributeEmail addressPasswordSign in Need an account? Register now. What a woman games journalist experiences in a weekThe scale of abuse that women journalists receive for doing their jobs is a major issue — we need accountability and real consequencesMary GushieThursday 18th February 2021Share this article Recommend Tweet ShareIt’s time we talk about a very serious issue happening within the games industry, both at the professional and fan level: the way women journalists are treated with toxic behaviour, and the simple steps we can take to ensure this kind of harassment stops.Many women journalists experience some form of harassment when reporting on the games industry. It has been said that women receive an extreme amount of harassment when compared to their male counterparts, as it is not only based on their work but also their gender. Unfortunately, this has become ‘the norm’ for women journalists. This has been considered acceptable for a while now, and we are told to “just ignore it.” However, the problem must be discussed and action needs to be taken.The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) conducted a global survey of over 900 women journalists last year, and the results are frightening: 73% of women journalists who responded had experienced online violence in the course of their work. That is close to three out of four women who will experience that treatment just for doing their job. Their work is journalism; simply creating or producing a report on current events based around facts and opinions for broadcast or publication. These issues have yet to be addressed.When I tailor my content to highlight issues of female representation in the games industry, I receive more hate Professionally speaking, I have been a journalist for over ten years, and while I have done a wide range of work for a variety of outlets, my focus has always been on highlighting issues and experiences in the games industry through a female lens. Over the course of those ten years I have heard from women firsthand how I have helped them be more vocal and realize that they are not alone. I have also been lucky to meet some wonderful industry folks and attend events. My journey has made me become an advocate for women in the games space. This includes sharing my own personal story of abuse at the hands of someone from Ubisoft last year. On the other hand, over that same ten year period I received countless death threats, harassment and hurtful comments. At times it was an occasional trolling comment; other times it was dozens of comments ranging from sexism to outright toxicity and hatred. It appears that when I tailor my content to highlight issues of female representation in the games industry, I receive more hate. But the issue is not whether I can effectively advocate for women; the issue is that I and many other female journalists are receiving these types of messages based on our gender or the very topic of advocacy. What happened early this yearIn December last year, I wrote a piece on the toxic culture around women in the games industry. While I did receive some backlash, it was nothing compared to what happened this January. I posted a tweet commenting on the notion that men do not like to play as female characters. While this is a generalized statement on my social media page, it was meant to be a quick-witted observation on the industry at the time. I paired it with a comment — “deal with it” — and images of strong female lead characters: Ellie from The Last of Us, Claire Redfield from Resident Evil, Aloy from Horizon: Zero Dawn, and Lara Croft from Tomb Raider. Little did I know that this tweet would cause such debate and result in multiple attacks on myself, my character, and my work.Eventually, the tweet ended up being reposted from an account that has a reputation for controversial views, with the caption “games journalisming.” Almost instantly, my mentions were filled with hate towards my writing, my beliefs and even my looks, but that was not the end of it. The same account also hosts a Youtube channel with over one million subscribers, and it published a video about my tweet, claiming that I was attacking men, that I was a horrible journalist, and taking my stance just to gain a profit. This was simply a tweet, not tied to any of my work, and therefore there was no profit to be had — ironic given that the account used the tweet to feed its subscribers new content, which in turn is a way to gain profit via Youtube revenue. As my mentions on social media became filled with people questioning my career, sending me hate, and claiming that I should disappear, I struggled with what to do. Twitter seems to be a huge driving force in allowing this type of behaviour to occur. It has been said that “women are abused on Twitter every 30 seconds,” offering further proof that toxic behaviour against women continues to happen at a rapid rate, especially women who may be at the forefront of journalism. Many women journalists become the focus of hate campaigns for simply reporting on or voicing their opinion about a controversial topic, regardless of the context of said topic or opinion. Twitter continues to claim that abuse violates its stated rules, and this includes tweets that promote violence and/or threats against people. However, when I reported numerous tweets at me, nothing was done. Below are some samples of the messages I have received:The fine lineWhen it comes to speech online, it can be a fine line between what is problematic and what is not. Unfortunately, when messages that are hateful and promote violence are reported, even if the offending individual is banned from the platform the message was on, it does not stop the user from creating a new account. There are little to no consequences for those who commit this type of offence. Online harassment is the type of crime that can be difficult to track, and therefore it is often overlooked. Trolling inhabits a grey zone between freedom of speech and anonymous attacks. Many women journalists, including myself, have to deal with the consequences on our own. Sometimes that means deactivating social media accounts, which hurts the promotion of our work and the development of our personal brands. These threats can quickly lead to journalists having to change their phone numbers due to numerous calls, or having to change addresses due to doxxing. Threats can quickly lead to journalists having to change their phone numbers, or having to change addresses due to doxxing These are very real factors that women journalists have to deal with over the course of their careers, and this can take a toll on mental health. Having to constantly worry about comments under an article, where people post about your appearance, comments of a sexual nature, threats, and the uncertainty of what someone behind the computer could possibly do — it leaves women journalists questioning their entire careers and worth as people. I have focused my career on highlighting this type of toxic behaviour towards women in the industry, so it was expected that not everyone would agree with me and I would receive hate. I am an advocate for a reason, and I am realistic about that coming with opposing opinions. However, there is a difference between someone expressing their opinion on an article and attacking a journalist based on their gender. The very nature of participating in a discussion is to hear other viewpoints and opinions and learn from the parties involved. That’s how expressing an opinion can to an actual discussion. At times, this is not the treatment or respect women journalists have the luxury of experiencing. More often than not, a woman will receive hate on every article or tweet, just because she has become a target. I write all of this in hope of creating the opportunity to have a respectful discussion about the treatment of women in the games industry.What’s the solution?Please take a moment to think about the facts — with 73% of women journalists receiving online harassment, this needs to be at the forefront of discussion more often. While some may not agree with what a journalist has to say, we are humans trying to do our jobs. The world is a frustrating place and it’s easy to shoot the messenger, but before tearing someone down, insulting their appearance, or threatening them with terrifying violence simply because they dared to type words on a page, think about the fact this is a real person you are alienating. An article of this nature will no longer need to be written if we take a moment to talk about our opinions without responding with direct attacks. Is wanting to be treated fairly too much to ask? Women have been more vocal in sharing, but the sole pressure of change cannot be placed on women only But there needs to be accountability and real consequences when this type of behaviour happens. While we cannot expect everything to change at once, social platforms enforcing stricter rules will in time change the ability to harass in the first place. This will encourage women to be more open about their experiences and create a safer space for everyone. When a woman journalist is threatened online, it needs to be taken seriously. Social media and streaming sites need to do a better job when it comes to security measures. Response rates need to be quicker when an attack is reported, and the banning of a user’s IP should become a consequence when the threat is severe. Women journalists need to continue to raise awareness of these issues and talk about them publicly — it’s why I continue to do so — but this can only happen if they feel safe. In order to mitigate their emotions, women journalists can set boundaries or rules by blocking certain words, turning notifications off, or attempting to ignore comments. This can help to alleviate the mental stress that women endure when receiving such harassment. Things are changing. Women have been taking a stand and trying to bring about a positive force for good — such as the widespread abuse allegations that started in 2019, which sparked discussion over what women have to endure while working in the games industry. We saw a resurgence of this last year, as more women openly shared experiences they had experienced at companies such as Ubisoft — myself included. Related Jobs3D Artist – Mobile Studio – Midlands UK & Europe Big PlanetProducer Indie Game Studio France UK & Europe Big PlanetSenior C++ Unreal Programmer – PC and Console Studio – Austria South East Big PlanetDiscover more jobs in games Women have been more vocal in sharing, but the sole pressure of change cannot be placed on women only — it needs to be done across the board. Journalism can be a stressful job for anyone, but women take on an added layer of strain. There is a constant and overwhelming fear of getting bombarded with hate-filled comments attacking not only your work, but your appearance and your character. It can be extremely discouraging when the offenders so rarely face any consequences, which results in so many women suffering in silence, or giving up careers they were passionate about because someone was exceptionally insulting, slanderous, or “just joking.” We all need to work together to be better. We need to acknowledge toxic and destructive behavior, and instead of attacking others when they ask for help, trying to repair the broken parts of the industry so many of us love, and want to work in. With over ten years experience, Mary Gushie allows her personality and passion for the industry shine through in her journalism. She is a huge advocate for women in gaming — @girlfromcanada.Celebrating employer excellence in the video games industry8th July 2021Submit your company Sign up for The Daily Update and get the best of in your inbox. Enter your email addressMore storiesActivision no longer working with Call of Duty actor after hateful sexist commentsA video resurfaced on social media showing Jeff Leach making offensive, sexual and threatening remarks targeting women By Marie Dealessandri YesterdayHow Women in Gaming survived its publisher’s demiseMeagan Marie explains how Crystal Dynamics stepped in after Prima Games, the original publisher of her book, shut down right after launchBy Brendan Sinclair 4 days agoLatest comments (2)John Blythe 3D Environmental Artist Edited 1 times. Last edit by John Blythe on 19th February 2021 10:13am 5Sign inorRegisterto rate and replyGil Salvado 3D/2D Artist 2 months ago Social media platforms at the moment are like classrooms without any teachers present to enforce rules and guidelines for social behaviour. Our society needs to change as well but on a global scale, though I’m afraid that will be the hardest.Thank you very much for this article Mary.last_img read more

Extension of Lock down is a national requirement-some opposition parties shouldn’t play cynicism.

first_imgFinally, the national Lockdown extended up to 3rd May 2020, as was expected and demanded by many. However, there’s a catch. A detailed guideline will be issued tomorrow where there would be some relaxation in many areas (unaffected areas) would be there. PM has used a ‘stick and carrot’ method asking that the areas where discipline is maintained by people apart from no Coronavirus infection, then there will be some relaxation. If people misuse or exploit the relaxation, then the relaxation will be taken away.Frankly speaking, Narendra Modi has acquired a statesman status and his stature is so tall that people are ready to follow his instruction. That’s why he came to address people at least four times in this particular Coronavirus crisis. People also understand that lockdown is the only way to fight against this pandemic.But opposition is once again failed to gauge the public mind. Before his address, many ridiculed that ‘what will be next after Thali and Diya’. The point must be realized that this is a country of 1.3 billion people. Just by government orders you can’t impose lockdowns. You need a trusted leader to convince people. Delhi CM, Arvind Kejriwal rightly said that state-imposed lockdowns may not be successful if the lockdown is not imposed by the central government. It’s Narendra Modi who can ask people to do what exactly required to do.Some asked where is a special financial package? Why PM hadn’t said how to address the issue of poor people and some industries especially Small-scale ones. The point must be realized that Narendra Modi is Prime Minister. He is there to convince people why lockdown is required and why all people are to observe it. Regarding financial packages, there’s Finance ministry, who will take care of things and if required the ministry will come to fore with stimulus. The detailed guidelines are to come tomorrow. Accordingly, other ministries will start presenting their ideas. Everything can’t be said by Prime Minister.Some asked what about migratory laborers and what about the food of hungry people. The simple answer is that for the interest of the nation, the migratory laborers can’t move. They have to stay where they are. To feed them, state governments are doing everything. The central government’s job is to support the states and till-date no state has complained that the central government failed to support them.Many also asked why there’s no more testing. I think ICMR has given a protocol for that as approved by WHO. Then, can we test all 1.3 billion people? If yes, what would be the time period and what would be the cost? Then why to do unnecessary tests because if someone today is negative, he may turn positive after some days. In China and South Korea, it’s observed that people cured of Corona infection got again infected. Thus, the tests must be for people having symptoms and the contacts traced back. There’s an issue of asymptomatic corona infection. That means although they are infected there’s no symptom. In such cases, Coronavirus couldn’t do any harm to that infected person although some others may be infected by him. Thus, whoever develops symptoms, they need to be tested. Unnecessary testing would be a waste. In any case number of testing to be done is decided by state governments. West Bengal for reasons best known to them intentionally not test as per the protocol. Even complaints are there that the West Bengal government is hiding the deaths.Having said the above, why PM is dragged to this testing issue. Let ICMR and state governments tackle it.The next question is what about the livelihood of the poor. You ask for lockdown at the same time you ask for the livelihood of poor. Isn’t it contradicting? The point must be understood that lockdown means revenue loss for both state and central governments. When life has a priority, the livelihood issues will take back-seat. One thing must be looked upon that people are to be fed well and that’s the responsibility of state government. I can say with full confidence that all state governments irrespective of party lines are doing their best on such issues. The good thing is that in such a crisis both central and state governments are doing what is called true cooperative federalism. Thus, cynical comments are unwarranted and people reject those.India is praised Worldwide for its effective tackling of this deadly virus in a time when developed nations are failing measurably. There would be some collateral damages when such strict actions are taken. But then it’s in the national interest. Thus, let’s take pride in that and shun cynicism. Politics can wait, lives are not. This is required to be understood by all politicians and self-claimed intellectuals.last_img read more

Los Angeles marathon runner found dead after alleged cheating scandal

first_imgiStock(LOS ANGELES) — A 70-year-old runner was found dead in the Los Angeles River Thursday just days after being disqualified from the Los Angeles Marathon for allegedly cheating.Los Angeles police say they responded to a call Thursday morning, of a body in the river.The man was identified as retired Dr. Frank Meza, whose time in the Los Angeles Marathon four months ago shocked runners around the world.Meza was disqualified from the marathon this week due to alleged cheating after he posted a time of 2:53:10, more than an hour faster than the 4:10:07 run by the second fastest finisher in his age group.Meza claimed that he left the course to look for a bathroom and not a shortcut. His finish time would have been a record for his age group.Meza was also facing scrutiny for other marathon times, including his finish in the 2019 Sprouts Mesa-Phoenix Marathon.Marathon investigator Derek Murphy said he was deeply saddened to learn about Meza’s death. Murphy said his heart goes out to Meza’s family and friends, and that he would comment on the investigation at a later time to allow those close to Meza to grieve.Meza previously coached cross-country at Loyola High School in Los Angeles before resigning for health reasons.His cause of death is currently under investigation pending autopsy results, according to the Los Angeles County Coroner.Copyright © 2019, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.last_img read more

Continuing Tenure Track Faculty – Criminal Justice

first_imgThe college is currently in a Modified Academic and BusinessOperation ( MABO ) model, which means some of the work is beingperformed from remote locations. When the conditions permit, basedon CDC and College Administrator’s guidelines, employees will berequired to resume their work on campus as directed by management.This position is located in the state of Maryland.Posting Specific QuestionsRequired fields are indicated with an asterisk (*). Master’s degree or higher in Criminal Justice or a relatedfield.One year full-time, or equivalent part-time, teaching ortraining experience at the college or high school level in criminaljustice.Must be qualified to teach a variety of criminal justicecourses.Full-time pertinent professional experience working in thefield of criminal justice.Law enforcement experience strongly preferred. How did you hear about this employment opportunity? If youselected ‘Other’ please indicate source:(Open Ended Question) Relevance of teaching experience to anticipated teachingassignments.Relevance of non-teaching professional experience toanticipated teaching assignments.Evidence of currency in professional discipline throughcontinuing education, professional development and/or scholarlyactivity.Evidence of quality teaching, including faculty evaluationscores and ratings, teaching awards earned, courses designed,developed, and/or revised, etc.Evidence of ability to teach effectively in multiple modalities(face to face, virtual, hybrid, online)Evidence of ability to effectively use instructional technology(Internet, instructional software, Learning Management System,videoconferencing, etc.).Evidence of ability to teach effectively within, and contributepositively to, a diverse, multi-ethnic, multi-cultural studentpopulation and campus environment.Evidence of experience motivating and teaching students withdiverse preparation, learning styles, and abilities.Experience mentoring and/or advising students or youngprofessionals.Evidence of experience in or knowledge of curriculumdevelopment and assessment methods.Flexibility and creativity in problem solving.Ability to teach day, evening, weekend and virtual classes, asneeded.Evidence of ability to work independently. Job Requirements Is Background Check Required?YesPosting NumberPGCC156411/12Open Date02/11/2021Close DateOpen Until FilledYesBackground Check StatementPrince George’s Community College is committed to providing a safecampus community. PGCC conducts background investigations forapplicants being considered for employment. Backgroundinvestigations include reference checks, a criminal history recordcheck, education verification, and when appropriate, a financial(credit) report or driving history check.Special Instructions to Applicants Degree from an accredited institution.Unofficial transcripts must accompany application for teachingpositions. Before an applicant can be recommended for hire, theapplicant must have an unofficial transcript on file with thecollege. Official transcripts of academic work required upon anoffer of employment.Letters of reference must be job related and dated within thepast three years.Documentation of experience and performance required.Willingness to teach in traditional and non-traditional formatsand settings (off-campus, day, weekend, evening, accelerated, andface to face, virtual, hybrid, and online delivery) as needed.Ability to communicate effectively in spoken and writtenstandard English.As required by the 1986 Immigration Act, be prepared to presentacceptable documentation showing your identity and that you are aU.S. citizen or an alien who is authorized to work. Applications submitted by February 24, 2021 will receivefirst consideration. This position is open until filled.Teaching Demonstration: Candidates who are invited foran interview will be asked to demonstrate their teachingeffectiveness in a simulated classroom, laboratory, or otherrelevant pedagogical situation, the conditions of which will bedetermined in advance and shared with all candidates prior to theinterview.Letters of Recommendations can be uploaded during theapplication process or submitted prior to scheduled interview.Application Status; you will receive an emailacknowledging receipt of your application, upon which time nofurther communication occurs unless selected for an interview orthe position is filled. If recommended for hire, communication isimmediately sent to your references listed on your application.Also, you will receive an email notification from HireRightrequesting you to submit authorization to complete a backgroundinvestigation.The college is currently in a Modified Academic and BusinessOperation ( MABO ) model, which means some of the work is beingperformed from remote locations. When the conditions permit, basedon CDC and College Administrator’s guidelines, employees will berequired to resume their work on campus as directed by management.This position is located in the state of Maryland. * Please provide evidence of your ability to effectively useinstructional technology (Internet, instructional software,Learning Management System, videoconferencing, etc.).(Open Ended Question)* Criteria: Please describe in detail the extent of yourcriminal law experience relevant to teaching courses.(Open Ended Question)* How did you hear about this employment opportunity?HERCHigherEd JobsHispanic OutlookIndeedPersonal ReferralPGCC WebsiteSocial Media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook)The Chronicle of Higher EdThe Washington PostOther: Please indicate belowEducause Job Vacancy AnnouncementPosition TitleContinuing Tenure Track Faculty – Criminal JusticePosition TypeFacultyDepartmentPublic Safety and LawFLSAExemptUnion/Non UnionNon UnionFull Time or Part TimeFull TimeGrade.Salary RangeHiring Salary RangeSalary commensurate with education and experienceFixed Term/Tenure Track (Faculty Only)Tenure TrackRegular or TemporaryRegularJob Description SummaryPrince George’s Community College invites applications for afull-time faculty position in Criminal Justice, beginning in Fall2021. Continuing Tenure Track – faculty hired on 2-year conditionaltrack, upon successful performance and evaluation, the hires maycontinue towards tenure track, and is renewable each year for twoyears. Applicants should demonstrate a commitment to high-qualityundergraduate education. Preference will be given to candidateswith expertise in the field of criminal justice, and withexperience teaching at the college level. PGCC is committed tostudent success, regional impact, and organizationalexcellence.Minimum Qualifications * Which of the following best describes your level of completededucation? (Education details must be included in yourapplication.)Master’s Degree or above from an accreditedcollege/universityBachelor’s Degree from an accredited college/universityAssociate’s Degree from an accredited college/universityOne to two years of college credit (30 credit hours isequivalent to one year)Less than 30 credits from an accredited college/universityHigh School Diploma or GEDNone of the above CriteriaThe following criteria will be used to review the applications ofthose candidates who meet the minimum qualifications and to selectthose who will be invited for an interview. Candidates for teachingpositions who are invited for an interview will be asked todemonstrate their teaching effectiveness in a simulated classroom,laboratory, or other relevant pedagogical situation, the conditionsof which will be determined in advance and shared with allcandidates prior to the interview. In addition to the criterialisted below, other information gained from, and observations madeduring, the interview process, including the review committee’sassessment of a simulated teaching performance, may be consideredin selecting candidates to be recommended for appointment. Applicant DocumentsRequired DocumentsResumeCover LetterOptional DocumentsTranscriptsLetter of Recommendation 1Letter of Recommendation 2Letter of Recommendation 3Curriculum Vitaelast_img read more

The Weeknd’s former Tribeca rental hits the market

first_imgThe Alexander Team was credited with handling the singer’s lease back in 2018. At the time, the 5,200-square-foot triplex was asking $60,000 per month.The listing hits the market at a time when inventory has plummeted and new contract signings for luxury properties hit an 11-year low.It also comes days after a report that said The Weeknd had resigned his lease for the penthouse. A representative for The Weeknd did not respond to requests for comment.The singer has plenty of other places he may be hunkering down during quarantine. Last November, he dropped $21 million on a condo in Los Angeles, and he also owns an estate in Hidden Hills, which he reportedly picked up for over $18 million in 2017.His former New York home spans the upper three floors of developer Nathan Berman’s eight-story condo development. The four-bedroom has a media screening room, a chef’s kitchen and a more than 1,200-square-foot private roof deck outfitted with an outdoor kitchen area and sound system. It only shares an elevator bank with two other residences. The unit also comes with a parking spot and storage, according to Alexander’s Instagram account.Berman’s Metro Loft Management began converting the former book bindery into 53 luxury condo units in 2014.By the time The Weeknd moved in with then-girlfriend Bella Hadid in late 2018, 443 Greenwich had built a reputation for housing the stars. The Tribeca building’s roster of famous buyers includes actress Jennifer Lawrence, singer Harry Styles, comedian Mike Myers, Justin Timberlake, Jake Gyllenhaal, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds.Read moreThe Weeknd drops $21M on Beverly West penthouseInside 443 Greenwich, Tribeca’s moststar-studded buildingFormula One’s Lewis Hamilton snags another $40M penthouse Abel Tesfaye aka The Weeknd and 433 Greenwich Street Penthouse D (Credit: Gina Wetzler/Redferns via Getty Images)The Weeknd’s pricey rental at 443 Greenwich is up for grabs.The Grammy Award-winning singer, whose real name is Abel Tesfaye, has rented penthouse D at the star-studded Tribeca condo since 2018. The unit is now up for sale asking $27.5 million and the listing notes the apartment is “available immediately.”Listing brokers Tal Alexander, Oren Alexander and Jared Schwadron of the Alexander Team at Douglas Elliman declined to comment. In an Instagram post, Tal Alexander wrote he was back in New York and available to give virtual tours. Penthouse D is one of four triplexes in the building, all of which range in size and features, according to the condo offering plans. founder Marc Lore paid $43.78 million in 2018 for a unit with a pool and private elevator. Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton paid $43.99 million for another unit, which also had its own pool and elevator. A smaller unit sold for $20.18 million to an anonymous buyer.The final unit, which The Weeknd called home, traded for just over $6 million in 2018 between two LLCs tied to Metroloft, property records show. The developer declined to comment.Write to Erin Hudson at [email protected]last_img read more

Borko Ristovski joins RK Vardar Skopje!

first_imgVIDEO: Ristovski is hero of RK Vardar Related Items:Borko Ristovski, RK Vardar, SL benfica ShareTweetShareShareEmail “Warm up” and “Stoilov’s dance” to announce very interesting season Click to comment RK Eurofarm Pelister beat RK Vardar for the first trophy in season 2020/2021 Leave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published.Comment Name Email Website Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. ShareTweetShareShareEmailComments“We will have Borko Ristovski and Marko Misevski on training on Monday”, said RK Vardar coach Stevce Alusovski at the press conference after his team lost home match against Montpellier Handball 27:31.The most famous Macedonian goalkeeper, the 38-years old Ristovski is coming back home after eight years abroad. He ceased contract with SL Benfica after a season and a half.He also played at Barca Lassa, Rhein Neckar Lowen, VfL Gummersbach and US Creteil.Ristovski played at RK Vardar in period 2001-2003 and 2010-2012.Barca put Pick Szeged on RK Vardar in TOP 16 Recommended for youlast_img read more

Francisco Blázquez to be elected for RFEBM president again!

first_imgShareTweetShareShareEmailCommentsSpanish Handball Federation president Francisco Blázquez will be re-elected on July 29, for the third consecutive term, , after being confirmed this Friday by the Electoral Board as the only candidate for the presidency.Blázquez, who, as required by the electoral regulations, presented his resignation as president on Friday, provided the endorsement of 82 of the 91 assembly members who will decide on the name of the leader of Spanish handball for the next four years. Blazquez has no rival in election in 2016, while in 2013, his rival was Jose Javier Hombrados. Spain is among TOP nations in handball. Men’s team is EHF EURO 2020 winners, while women’s are world’s vice-champions 2019, Spanish coaches are successfuil are over the world Click to comment Leave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published.Comment Name Email Website Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. ShareTweetShareShareEmail Related Items:francisco blazquez, rfebm RFEBM to allocate 200.000 EUR to women’s league teams Francisco Blazquez elected new President of the Handball Federation ASOBAL lowers limit of number of non-domestic players Recommended for youlast_img read more

Chili pepper cocktail points to wide-awake surgery

first_imgImagine an epidural or a shot of Novocain that doesn’t paralyze your legs or make you numb yet totally blocks your pain. This type of pain management is now within reach. As a result, childbirth, surgery, and trips to the dentist might be less traumatic in the future, thanks to researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and Harvard Medical School (HMS) who have succeeded in selectively blocking pain-sensing neurons in rats without interfering with other types of neurons.The pint-sized subjects received injections near their sciatic nerves, which run down their hind limbs, and subsequently lost the ability to feel pain in their paws. But they continued to move normally and react to touch. The injections contained QX-314, a normally inactive derivative of the local anesthetic lidocaine, and capsaicin, the active ingredient in hot peppers. In combination, these chemicals targeted only pain-sensing neurons, preventing them from sending signals to the brain.“We’ve introduced a local anesthetic selectively into specific populations of neurons,” explains HMS Professor Bruce Bean, an author on the paper, which appears in Nature today (Oct. 4). “Now we can block the activity of pain-sensing neurons without disrupting other kinds of neurons that control movements or nonpainful sensations.”“We’re optimistic that this method will eventually be applied to humans and change our experience during procedures ranging from knee surgery to tooth extractions,” adds Clifford Woolf of MGH, who is senior author on the study.Despite enormous investments by industry, surgical pain management has changed little since the first successful demonstration of ether general anesthesia at MGH in 1846. General and local anesthetics work by interfering with the excitability of all neurons, not just pain-sensing ones. Thus, these drugs produce dramatic side effects, such as loss of consciousness in the case of general anesthetics or temporary paralysis for local anesthetics.“We’re offering a targeted approach to pain management that avoids these problems,” says Woolf.The new work builds on research conducted since the 1970s showing how electrical signaling in the nervous system depends on the properties of ion channels, that is, proteins that make pores in the membranes of neurons.“This project is a perfect illustration of how research trying to understand very basic biological principles can have practical applications,” says Bean.The new method exploits a membrane-spanning protein called TRPV1, which is unique to pain-sensing neurons. TRPV1 forms a large channel, where molecules can enter and exit the cell. But a “gate” typically blocks this opening. The gate opens when cells are exposed to heat or the chili-pepper ingredient capsaicin. Thus, bathing pain-sensing neurons in capsaicin leaves these channels open, but nonpain sensing neurons are unaffected because they do not possess TRPV1.The new method then takes advantage of a special property of the lidocaine derivative QX-314. Unlike most local anesthetics, QX-314 can’t penetrate cell membranes to block the excitability of the cell, so it typically lingers outside neurons where it can’t affect them. For this reason it is not used clinically.When pain-sensing neurons are exposed to capsaicin, however, and the gates guarding the TRPV1 channels disappear, QX-314 can enter the cells and shut them down. But the drug remains outside other types of neurons that do not contain these channels. As a result, these cells fully retain their ability to send and receive signals.The team first tested the method in a Petri dish. Alexander Binshtok, a postdoctoral researcher in Woolf’s lab, applied capsaicin and QX-314 (separately and in combination) to isolated pain-sensing and other neurons and measured their responses. Indeed, the combination of capsaicin and QX-314 selectively blocked the excitability of pain-sensing neurons, leaving the others unaffected.Next, Binshtok injected these chemicals into the paws of rats and measured their ability to sense pain by placing them on an uncomfortable heat source. The critters tolerated much more heat than usual. He then injected the chemicals near the sciatic nerve of the animals and pricked their paws with stiff nylon probes. The animals ignored the provocation. Although the rats seemed immune to pain, they continued to move normally and respond to other stimuli, indicating that QX-314 failed to penetrate their motor neurons.The team must overcome several hurdles before this method can be applied to humans. They must figure out how to open the TRPV1 channels without producing even a transient burning pain before QX-314 enters and blocks the neurons, and they must tinker with the formulation to prolong the effects of the drugs. Both Bean and Woolf are confident they’ll succeed.“Eventually, this method could completely transform surgical and post-surgical analgesia, allowing patients to remain fully alert without experiencing pain or paralysis,” says Woolf. “In fact, the possibilities seem endless. I could even imagine using this method to treat itch, as itch-sensitive neurons fall into the same group as pain-sensing ones.”Research in the Woolf lab is supported by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) and the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research. Research in the Bean lab is supported by NINDS and the National Institute of General Medical Sciences.Harvard and MGH have filed patents on this technology platform.For a copy of the paper: [email protected]last_img read more

Lenten Chapel Crawl enhances student faith

first_imgWith the season of Lent in full swing at Notre Dame, the Notre Dame Lenten Chapel Crawl, sponsored by Howard Hall, provides students with a unique opportunity to bolster their faith lives while exploring different spiritual communities on campus.Sophomore Cara Lucas, Howard’s liturgical commissioner and one of the Chapel Crawl organizers, said the event features Mass every day of Lent in a different campus chapel.“It’s a chance for students throughout campus to visit all the other dorm chapels,” Lucas said. “We think it’s a thing that’s on a lot of people’s bucket list, so we kind of offer it as a chance to cross something off your Notre Dame bucket list.“Doing it during Lent gives people the chance to do something extra instead of giving something up.”Lucas said hosting the event during Lent also gives students an opportunity to relax and pray as their schedules become hectic.“I think having it during Lent is a good time to reflect,” she said. “Some of the homilies are really helpful to hear, especially when school gets stressful. So instead of wasting an hour on the internet, I like the opportunity to spend that hour in Mass with fellow students.”Sophomore Grace Maginn said she plans on attending all of the Chapel Crawl Masses as a way to enrich her faith life during the Lenten season.“I wanted to pick one Lenten resolution where I gave something up, and another where I actually went out and did something,” Maginn said. “The Chapel Crawl gives me an opportunity to try and attend daily Mass more often.“I try and go a couple days a week, but the chapel crawl posed a new kind of challenge for me, going to Mass even when I feel like I don’t have time for it.”Maginn said the Chapel Crawl offers a community similar to Sunday night dorm Masses, but with a fresh change of scenery.“The chapel crawl is kind of like a travelling Sunday dorm Mass community,” she said. “It’s a big enough group that you feel like the volume levels should be those for a Sunday Mass, so it isn’t your typical daily Mass experience in that sense.“On the other hand, the group is still small enough that I feel like by the end of it I will have made a friend or two.”Although she acknowledged social and prayer life at Notre Dame can grow too comfortable and monotonous, Maginn said the Chapel Crawl allows her and others to leave their comfort zone and encounter new people and faith communities.“The chapel crawl gives me a chance to go to dorms I would never normally visit because, among a number of typical excuses I give, they’re too far away, it’s too cold outside or I don’t know anyone who lives there,” she said. “The chapel crawl allows me to see so many different sides of campus.”Lucas said approximately 70 people attended the kick-off Mass in Howard, and she hopes to see a strong community continue throughout the entire season of Lent.“Last year, toward the end [of Lent], there would only be like two or three Howard girls at Chapel Crawl Masses, so this year we put up posters and made a Facebook page to try to make it a more campus-wide thing,” she said.Lucas said students can find a schedule for Chapel Crawl Masses on the event’s Facebook page and on the Campus Ministry website. Tags: Chapel Crawl, Lentlast_img read more