Eleven Golden Week travel tips

Eleven Golden Week travel tips

Reminder: before October 3rd, Xining airport to Chengdu ticket sold out

during the National Day holiday passenger security smooth travel, Xining airport will open foot check-in counters and security channel in the peak hours of flights, set up a mobile service guide posts, special passengers and late passengers, as far as possible to reduce the phenomenon of queuing; passenger check-in, check-in area will also open up team counters, baggage counter on duty, and change the counter, convenient passenger check-in; unaccompanied children, the elderly and wheelchair passenger travel, you can go directly to the central hall of the airport passenger service center, service personnel will accompany the passenger check-in, security, service through the boarding gate, and completes the transfer of work priority boarding and flight attendants also; as the emergency needs of the passengers to provide free AIDS, alcohol, cotton and other items.

"I have bought a round-trip ticket to Jiangsu Changzhou, ready to take advantage of the National Day holiday to Changzhou to look at the girl, the way to Shanghai, Hangzhou." September 28th one off, members of the public rushed to the supermarket shopping, preparing for the upcoming trip, I have to buy some of Qinghai’s beef and mutton, yogurt to bring the children." At the same time, working in Xining chuanmeizi Li also bought a round-trip ticket from Xining to Chengdu, a year did not go home, she is going to the National Day holiday to go home to see their parents. China;

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