Xining chuangbiao by tourism industry upgrading

Xining chuangbiao by tourism industry upgrading

every place to have a clean and tidy environment, gentle and warm smile, coupled with a unified, standardized layout, always let a person shine. On December 17th, vice mayor of Xining, Tong Wang led the tourism market supervision and other related departments came to the City Jiahe travel agency, Chengdong District, Jing Xi Feng Wetland Park West area of passenger hub, the north area of Qaidam Hotel, to create the National Tourism Standardization Demonstration City (hereinafter referred to as "a standard") pilot enterprise work supervision and inspection, and held a review meeting.

meeting, Tong Wang, Xining, said the work marked the development of a positive situation. She pointed out that to further enhance the awareness of the work of the project. In the development of a standard work at the same time, to create a bright spot in the gaps, brains, improve the quality of. To combine the actual situation in Xining, to explore the unique features and highlights of Xining, the formation of long-term mechanism. Through the new form, the new carrier, to strengthen the publicity work in Xining.

will further strengthen a standard work, Tong Wang put forward seven requirements: to perfect the enterprise standardization system; to formulate supporting policies; to guide research in accordance with the high standards and high quality requirements; to regulate the overall name of the tourism center; to focus on the investigation of tourists’ satisfaction; to strengthen the small and micro hotel management, can not relax; to further refinement, strengthen a standard training work. By upgrading the tourism standardization construction achievement of Xining city tourism comprehensive archives.


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