Xining music tourism image show moved to Shanghai

Xining music tourism image show moved to Shanghai

the evening of October 28th, Shanghai Zendai Himalayas Art Center grand stage, a full display of Xining city characteristics, cultural connotation and characteristics of the tourism Chinese first city (Xining) music tourism image show, let countless gathered in Shanghai love to travel and music people gain a touch. This is the city by micro film "fall in love with summer" as the carrier, to promote Xining culture and tourism another new initiative.

this summer, sponsored by the municipal government, the Municipal Tourism Bureau, the Municipal Bureau of SMG jointly sponsored, Shanghai Marriott Executive Creative Culture Media Co. Ltd. the first Chinese music tourism micro film "love summer" after the premiere, widely praised by all sectors of society. For a more effective promotion of cultural tourism in Xining City, I also put forward for the first time held China "music city tourism image show" creativity through music as a bridge, the city cultural tourism promotion and world music, 3D image combined, fully display the "China xiadou – Xining", in order to enhance awareness and recognition of more people Xining.

in the image on the evening show, vice mayor Tong Wang to the world people love music, love to travel issued a sincere invitation, hope that through this activity, let all the guests harvest a moving, and I hope more people meet in Xining, together with the feelings of the summer cultural beauty, beauty and natural beauty of the region.

it is understood that the event has been included in the music World Expo, said the Shanghai World Music Season Closing the first show in the drama. Can through the screening into the "World Music Season", is the organizers of "love summer" this micro film influence value and "Chinese first city (Xining) is proposed based on the concept of music tourism image show". At the same time, this is also the first time in the northwest five provinces into such a high level of activity, will form an important brand and image of Xining city tourism promotion of the brand name. (author: Xu Shunkai)

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