Xining industrial and commercial system brand awareness month activities colorful

Xining industrial and commercial system brand awareness month activities colorful

recently, the Xining Municipal Industrial and commercial system organization to carry out the trademark leading industry, brand driven development as the theme of the brand awareness month activities.

April 18th, the Xining Municipal Bureau of industry and commerce into the West Branch of Qinghai Normal University, carried out to send trademark knowledge into school activities. This activity, the Bureau of the area more than 30 enterprises into the campus, through the panels, banners, trademarks and other forms of advocacy manuals, the use of consumer complaints, legal knowledge center, showcase of fake and shoddy goods, all the teachers and students accept consumer disputes, hire experts in the use of trademark open classes the opportunity to teach students basic knowledge to students knowledge of trademark. Explain the geographic marks and agricultural products. In the activity, issued a total of more than 300 copies of the trademark propaganda manual, to resolve consumer disputes 1, training staff of more than 230 people.

April 20th, the Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry to carry out the Trademark Office to send knowledge into the mall. In the gold Baichuan shoe stores, through on-site legal consultation to answer and distributed leaflets and other ways about promotion of intellectual property protection to the public. In the activity, leaflets were distributed more than 500 copies, panels 4, a banner. At the same time, the Bureau of law enforcement officers to large supermarkets, cafes, bookstores and other units of the joint law enforcement inspection.

April 20th, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County, the trade and Industry Bureau in the town of Datong County, organized by the organization to send the People’s Republic of China trademark law into the rural propaganda activities. In the meantime, organized the "Qinghai famous trademark", "Xining famous trademark", "Datong good trademark" and registered trademarks owned enterprises, industry associations, professional cooperatives in rural areas, a total of 37 individual industrial and commercial business entities to participate in promotional activities, exhibition brand development and the production of panels 50, banners 10. Accept the masses consulting 2300 people, with more than 7800 copies of promotional materials. Agricultural machinery 15 (sets), green source brand series of cattle and sheep meat packaging food varieties, pollution-free vegetables, 18 varieties of 15. In the event site, onlookers, counseling atmosphere, the masses to participate actively, especially farmers in Datong County, the independent design and use of agricultural plough, the scene has been favored by many farmers brothers. The campaign effectively promoted the brand trademark, trademark protection awareness and further enhance the awareness of independent innovation.


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