Xining Seismological Bureau to carry out the investigation report of earthquake emergency work

Xining Seismological Bureau to carry out the investigation report of earthquake emergency work

In order to prevent

after a devastating earthquake, earthquake emergency work fast, efficient and orderly manner, to minimize the loss of earthquake disaster, according to the "Xining earthquake emergency" spirit, combined with the "Xining Municipal Seismological Bureau earthquake emergency plan". In accordance with the China Earthquake Administration on the basic level of earthquake emergency investigation and statistics of the notice (in the case of earthquake rescue Letter No. [2010]33) documents, the Seismological Bureau to carry out the investigation and statistics work.

first, the Seismological Bureau of emergency response agencies and responsibilities

Seismological Bureau of Xining earthquake disaster emergency work led by the leadership of the Bureau, the office, integrated business division and other components, organization and implementation of earthquake emergency management. To ensure the implementation of earthquake emergency work in an orderly and efficient, the global staff is divided into five groups, one is the leading group for earthquake emergency work: responsible for global earthquake emergency work and reporting work, responsible for the overall work situation, responsible for foreign liaison and press release. The two earthquake is on duty monitoring group: do earthquake emergency work during seismic shift work, and make continuous observation work, ensure that the data are reliable, timely information submitted according to the requirements. Three is the office group: feeling after the earthquake, promptly notify the members of other groups in place quickly, quickly reported to the earthquake. At the same time for seismic interpretation work. The four is the earthquake tracking group: 1, in the short term, do the daily data collection and analysis work, organize and participate in various chambers of Commerce will be possible to make the earthquake prediction fast capture impending information. 2, there is a sense of 30 minutes after the earthquake, information will be transmitted to the office Laoqin group, at the same time after the earthquake trend and decision. Five is the scene after the earthquake investigation working group: responsible for the preparation of the earthquake emergency supplies and vehicles. According to the situation, the field investigation and disaster assessment.

two, to strengthen the construction of earthquake emergency response team

is 2008 years in February established the first community emergency rescue volunteer team for earthquake prevention and disaster reduction in our city, and conducted training and emergency rescue and emergency drills in the scene to observe the Xining Secret Service detachment; this training is not only a knowledge and skills training, but also is an important measure of emergency rescue team base pilot construction in our city. Through training and emergency drills, so that the city’s first pilot construction of community emergency rescue volunteer team to be able to recruit that come, to the war, the war can win, the rescue team. It will play a positive role in promoting the comprehensive construction of emergency rescue teams in our city.

two is the November 2009 Earthquake Bureau as the first batch of "students of earthquake prevention and disaster reduction volunteers" flag presentation ceremony was held at the Qinghai Normal University. College students volunteer team of earthquake prevention and disaster reduction is a new field of young volunteers in our city to respond positively to the call center and the development of services, to mobilize the majority of the city’s youth volunteer service by the way to participate in the work of earthquake prevention and disaster reduction to gradually enhance the campus awareness of earthquake disaster reduction, disaster prevention and emergency treatment to popularize self-help skills, improve the ability of campus disaster reduction, maximum to reduce the losses caused by disasters. Earthquake disaster reduction;

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