West ndustrial and commercial bureau received a report from the masses MLM dens were off

West ndustrial and commercial bureau received a report from the masses MLM dens were off

May 24th, West Industrial and Commercial Bureau received a report from the masses, the 54 Street Building 2 room 21104 unit Richpower people suspected of illegal pyramid schemes, and is organizing the teaching staff. The Bureau immediately according to the checked and found that it has more than 30 people are attending, in coordination with the public security officers 110, will be on-site instruction of Zhang Yu, Jiang Zhiying and the other main staff Wang, Zhang, Su, such as a safe zone to the West Industrial and Commercial Bureau investigation.

according to the parties to explain, they were in October 2008 to April 2009 to buy a certain number of products after the accession to the named MDG international technology group co.. The illegal pyramid organization by 1 line staff of 2 line staff required by the development mode, joined the staff must buy 330 yuan to 6600 yuan (divided into five grades, 330 yuan to buy called A packages, 990 yuan to buy the package called B, said the purchase of 1650 yuan to buy 3300 yuan package, called C for the D package, the purchase of 6600 yuan package called E) "mycool" series of mobile phone software to get membership. Apply to join in by its on-line application to join the staff through the company account made in the MLM organization website, will remit money off the assembly line, assembly line workers to join can achieve the marketing organization website ID, a level two level password, a password to enter the website to view their own performance, payment of wages the offline network data. The illegal pyramid scheme organization bonus distribution system to implement the day (month) salary cap system, the more people buy MLM products, the more the development of offline personnel, the higher the illegal gains. In this case, the industrial and commercial law enforcement officers to break the unknown to the brainwashing of the audience, the main backbone of the investigation and evidence collection.

currently, the case is under further investigation.


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