Shantytowns benefit more than 15 thousand people in Central

Shantytowns benefit more than 15 thousand people in Central

lush green belt, smooth on the sewer, bright energy-saving windows, thick insulation layer…… In order to allow more people to live comfortably, starting this year, the city plans in 3 years in the area of the old courtyard of the 126 homes for the renovation of shanty towns of 16470 households. When the old buildings of the city area will have to face, "Lu Ping, the target of the reform, the bright water free, green, standard". Renovation of old buildings in the city shanty town renovation is one of the key livelihood projects implemented in the city this year. In 2013 a total construction funds invested 88 million 320 thousand yuan, launched the 13 comprehensive renovation of old buildings of shantytowns project, a comprehensive renovation of the 3810 area of 270 thousand square meters of 67 residential buildings, benefit of more than 15 thousand people.

Huimin project a grasp in the end to catch the results of

to the house to do heat preservation, energy saving window, the surrounding environment remediation, we are particularly pleased." Pang Honglian lived in the macro Park District to carry out a comprehensive renovation of shanty towns this year, she happily told reporters that the house "wearing" on "insulation clothing", this year the house temperature increased by at least 4 DEG -5 DEG, especially after the renovation, the residential environment is beautiful, living here in the mood good.

The old city of

district hospital building shantytowns as good works and warm engineering, give the power to firmly grasp, a catch, catch effect. It is understood that the city zone as the core of the old city of Xining City, provincial and municipal bankruptcy of enterprises is relatively concentrated residential area, mostly built in the last century, in 70s and 80s, the old buildings of the planning and design of facilities backward, worn, wall off, crack, roof water seepage, building roads, hydropower, hospital network line, aging serious, living environment dirty and messy residents masses.

3 years old renovated hospital building shantytowns commitment weightier than Mount Tai. Urban areas with practical action on the answer to this question. The district government to continue the work of innovative ideas, old building renovation work of comprehensive renovation of shanty towns as the starting point, in order to improve the effective management method and service for the purpose of the implementation of fine management, and actively explore the transformation of the old buildings and management mode.

demolition and repair add light to improve the living environment of the masses

Urban Construction Bureau in accordance with the "one district and one king", "one street and one scene" ideas, on the size of the community, fully integrated with the surrounding environment, the overall unity of integration, enhance the overall transformation effect. The establishment of a "do a", "a hospital", "building a" database, from the beginning to the status of pre diagnostic clear, clear base "; let the community residents to participate in the construction of the transformation, published telephone complaints and site contact person in charge, the first time to reflect on the construction process of the problems and channels; the implementation of district residents printed issued twenty thousand copies of" comprehensive renovation of shanty towns area the majority of households "a letter to the general consent in the project at the same time;

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