Two holiday scenic more cultural flavor

Two holiday scenic more cultural flavor

This year, the province introduced a number of opinions on promoting the integration of culture and tourism development, the intangible cultural heritage is integrated into the scenic area, has become one of the important criteria for evaluation, review 3A scenic. Therefore, the integration of the major scenic spots in Qinghai tourism has been rapidly carried out, and two holidays concentrated show.

at present, the province’s trump scenic Qinghai Lake, non heritage project has entered the scenic area, Tibetan costumes and other intangible cultural heritage projects and Thangka, Tibetan embroidery and other tourist goods sales area has been open to tourists.

in the Kumbum Monastery scenic area, there are more domestic only a cultural connotation of Kumbum Monastery to show visitors outside the province of national intangible cultural heritage project suyouhua museum. The new museum is also under construction. After the completion of the new museum will provide high quality facilities protection suyouhua display, the display content is more rich, more advanced display methods. In the Kumbum Monastery scenic area around the production and sales of "Huangzhong silver and bronze" "Huangzhong" tooth carpet Duitou "" Tangka "national intangible cultural heritage project product shops, the formation of the national arts and crafts sales street, provides a centralized place to appreciate and buy Qinghai tourism souvenirs for tourists at home and abroad.

Dan Huangyuan County in ancient city tourism, visitors will be pleasantly surprised to see that the ancient city of the two provincial intangible cultural heritage project in Huangyuan have opened shop selling vinegar. In the vicinity of the ancient city of Confucious’temple, the construction of the Qinghai Ping string, Qinghai, such as the string of more than 5 kinds of folk class national intangible cultural heritage project stage, in two holidays, every day to organize a small show of 4 to.


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