Xining traffic police check drunk driving, overloading and other illegal and unlicensed driving beha

Xining traffic police check drunk driving, overloading and other illegal and unlicensed driving beha

during the festival, family and friends together, it is inevitable to drink a few glasses of wine. However, drunk driving has caused a lot of irreparable tragedy. In order to prevent the occurrence of similar accidents, from the beginning of the two month, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment of police launched a night of drunken driving and undocumented, overloading and other illegal driving behavior.

: the traffic police vehicle

night scene

[lens] driving without a license escape

at 21:10 on February 1st, near the Yangtze River Road, Xining City, near the city of Victoria, Xining traffic police detachment of police are here to check the passing vehicles, then, the roadside has stopped a few cars. A private car came over, the traffic police signaled the driver to stop the car. Police found in the inspection, the driver did not have a driver’s license, so he stopped at the roadside to receive treatment. Unexpectedly, the traffic police just turned around, the driver will drive away.

[lens two] forget driving license

21:10 that night, the vast darkness, the traffic police body reflective logo is particularly eye-catching. "Comrade, please show me your driver’s license and driving license." "I forgot my driver’s license." Traffic police let the driver parked the car on the roadside. After asking that the driver is a chase, because his family was drunk, and let him drive. The understanding of the situation, the police withheld his driving license, let him second days to bring the driver’s license to the traffic police team.

[three] shot drunk driving was denied

21:40 that night, when a private car was stopped by the traffic police check, the driver of the car can not find their own driver’s license. At this time, the police are checking the obvious smell of alcohol from the driver’s body. "Did you drink?" The policeman asked, "no, I don’t have any wine." The driver in the car to find a driver’s license at the same time, kept dialing the phone, when he got off, the mouth has been chewing a piece of gum. He repeatedly denied to the police that he had drunk wine, so the traffic police to accompany him to the hospital for blood alcohol test. According to the traffic police said, along the way, the man slowly began to shake, when the door to the hospital, he finally admitted that he did drink wine. Police withheld his car and driver’s license.

[lens four] bad lights to remind

22:20 that night, near the Yin Long Hotel Xining Road, the Yellow River. At this time, the night has been deep, a cold wind blowing, people feel a chill. There are not many vehicles on the road, but the traffic police are still not relaxed, from time to time to stop passing vehicle inspection. At this time, a traffic police stopped a taxi. "What’s the matter?" "One of your headlights doesn’t turn up." Upon hearing this, the taxi driver to get off to see, as expected, the car’s headlights are not bright. He opened the hood,;

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