Xining ten cultural heritage was included in the national protection

Xining ten cultural heritage was included in the national protection

September 17th, reporters from the Xining Municipal Cultural Heritage Museum of art office learned that in recent years, with the Xining City Cultural Construction of material culture project has been further protection in Xining City, the city has the intangible cultural heritage protection projects 33, the national intangible cultural heritage protection project 10, provincial the intangible cultural heritage protection project 22.

it is understood that the classic mountain flowers "," flower "Kumbum Monastery of Tibetan Buddhism music, Qinghai Han folk tune, Qinghai Ping Xian, the string, filial piety and Kumbum Monastery suyouhua, Huangyuan County, Huangzhong County, Duitou row of lights with gutta Tibetan carpet weaving skills in 10 very local ethnic characteristics and cultural products are listed as a national heritage protection project, the local folk art heritage and protection play a crucial role. In recent years, there are a lot of folk art lovers are faced with the plight of the inheritance of folk art, art heritage office set up a Qinghai local art research agency, organization of Xining city folk artists, through lectures, organize rehearsals, performances and other folk out channels, so that more young people to understand the local characteristics and cultural charm.

this year, art heritage organized folk artists to tour more than 20 games in the three county four district of Xining City, by the local masses, in order to better inherit the local cultural heritage office for opera lovers, opened a special training class, so far, has trained more than 100 outstanding opera lovers. At the same time, in order to vigorously promote the history and culture of Xining, also organized the intangible heritage projects heritage, protection of cultural heritage in Qinghai local culture theory experts and folk artists collective in the book, hope that through various efforts, the characteristics of Xining city cultural heritage to. (author: Ma Rong)


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