Badminton tournament held in Xining in 2013

Badminton tournament held in Xining in 2013

May 26th

, 2013 in Xining held the first "tip" cup badminton. This mass amateur badminton tournament, by the badminton players warm response, attracting more than 200 badminton enthusiasts in Xining area to participate in the competition.

competition for two days, set a, B, C group of 3. Group A was won in Xining badminton competition ranking athletes, semi professional athletes; group B in the badminton sport enthusiasts for years; group C in the badminton exercise for the elderly group aged years.

in the "national fitness, everyone involved, everyone benefits, promote every day, happy every day" concept of fitness, the provincial capital from all walks of life exercise unprecedented enthusiasm, especially badminton, because a good mass base, low threshold, easy popularization, the provincial capital of the badminton fitness activities in recent years carried out like a raging fire, has become a new force the national fitness. This year, 76 year old He Zhie, retired every day to adhere to the badminton movement. She said: "sports for our elderly people to bring fun and fitness, hope that more elderly people like me to participate in physical exercise."

the same day, was also held at the scene, Xining Badminton Association listing ceremony. (author: Yu Zhen)


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