Our province has a new solution to the securities and Futures Dispute Settlement

Our province has a new solution to the securities and Futures Dispute Settlement

2016 in October 11th, in the small and medium-sized investors card service center limited liability company (hereinafter referred to as the Investment Service Center) and the Qinghai securities regulatory bureau, Qinghai Securities Industry Association jointly signed the Qinghai jurisdiction securities and Futures Dispute Settlement memorandum of cooperation. The signing of the memorandum of cooperation is of great significance to protect the legitimate rights and interests of investors, maintain an open, fair and just market order, and promote the long-term stable and healthy development of the capital market.

according to reports, the signing of the memorandum is to implement the Supreme People’s court and the Chinese Commission "on the notice of the securities and Futures Dispute Settlement Mechanism of the pilot work in some areas of the country" (Law No. 149 and 2016) is an important arrangement China Commission "fair protection special activities in the side of investors. Dispute resolution mechanism innovation and deepening. According to the memorandum of cooperation, the Qinghai area of the securities and futures investment disputes to transfer service center, service center by the investment to the parties to provide professional, convenient and standard mediation services, unified professional mediation rules. The parties will also build a team of experts in the mediation team, sharing of statistical information, disputes and other aspects of the monitoring of the ongoing in-depth cooperation.

, the Qinghai Securities Regulatory Bureau Secretary Liang Shipeng said that the signing of a memorandum of cooperation marks the area of investor protection work and a solid step forward, Qinghai is a multi ethnic region, and underdeveloped areas, small and medium investors risk identification ability is insufficient, especially as the market continues to expand the scale of business products, increasing innovation, showed the number of conflicts and disputes rising trend. The introduction of the service center of the professional third party mediation institutions, help more convenient, professional and efficient settlement of investor disputes. Investment Service Center will be set up by a high level of the team of mediators, and constantly improve the level of dispute mediation, enhance the credibility and influence of the securities and futures sector has become a trusted professional dispute mediation body.


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