How to help the disabled old at the FuZhou Railway Station

How to help the disabled old at the FuZhou Railway Station

the footsteps of Spring Festival is getting closer and closer, people are in a hurry to rush home, but there are some groups need to take care of us. Since January 20th, migrant workers have to rush home in the last prime time window. FuZhou Railway Station ushered in the Spring Festival before the peak passenger travel, sending more than one hundred and ten thousand passengers a day. Visitors to the bus station on disabled old pregnancy increased significantly, become the focus of helping.

Yang Qiming is a blind man. In the home for the Spring Festival, is to go and will of the villagers, villagers are his eyes as his best friend. But this year, his friends don’t go back to the holidays. Although the young Yang bought a train ticket online a month earlier, but he never travel alone how to go back? The young man made a melancholy……

The day before the

Spring Festival, Yang Qiming from the blind voice chat WeChat group that FuZhou Railway Station has a "Strait love · Wang Wei; the desk can provide travel help, quickly called his friend through the Straits love · Wang Wei service station" micro-blog official appointment service.

yesterday, when Yang Qiming alone came to the station, Strait situation · Wang Wei service station duty master station to meet him at the subway to do the whole escort service to the mouth of the subway station. "My name is Lin Rong, I am glad to serve you. Here, grab my elbow." Lin Rong turned around, bent his left elbow into V, and then picked up Yang Qiming’s right hand to hold his arm. "Take hold." Xiao Yang nodded his head. So, Lin Rong walked, he followed behind, go very smoothly, "this step, a little slower, encountered on the next step, Lin Rong have slowed down, be told.

"your action is very standard, I in the school for the blind, the teacher did the demonstration, this is called" directional walk. "." "Well, the special service is a very important part, we have the professional staff of the passenger train station." Two people say go.

"this is the first time I have called" the station "to help go home, is also my most memorable experience!" Yang Qiming Lin Rong said, "I am engaged in Blind Massage work in Fuzhou, the eldest brother work very hard, come back after the Spring Festival, I find you, you must not refuse for massage." "Well. You’ll find me by train, I’ll be your eyes." "That’s settled then!"……

how to help the disabled old at the FuZhou Railway Station? We can see through the above introduction, Fuzhou launched a service desk + Internet help spring festival. During the Spring Festival, in order to ensure the quality of service quality, the more than and 30 passenger station together, through the Straits love · Wang Wei micro-blog and Sina service station "service hotline to carry out on-line accepting line service, to stop before the" one kilometer "service appointment, the implementation of" love card "the whole process of bus stop, recommended

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