Hefei Gaochuang successy listed on the new board

Hefei Gaochuang successy listed on the new board

Hefei has been a high science and technology incubator in Hefei City, has created a well-known enterprises, is expected to leave a deep impression in the minds of consumers, worthy of recognition, let people pay great attention to the comprehensive strength, Hefei Gaochuang recently, Hefei Gaochuang successy listed on the new board, worthy of attention.

Hefei Gaochuang is operation management mechanism of Hefei high tech Zone directly under the science and technology enterprise incubator, accelerator and innovation platform, the service and management from the "public record space" to "the whole incubation chain of physical space industry base", including the thinking space, Hefei Software Park, Hefei Overseas Students Pioneer Park, new materials Park, electromechanical Industrial Park and Hefei Industrial Park Wuhu innovation and technology innovation service center and other public services, the radiation area of 130 square meters.

as of November 2016, the park settled enterprises reached 759, the national level of high-tech enterprises reached a total of a total of a total of 6 listed companies, three new board listed companies in the world, the board of science and technology enterprises listed on the board of the 47 companies in the world, with a total of 237.

The high-tech enterprise

in recent years, more and more in Hefei, let people see this more and more high-tech, optimistic about the worthy people, let people see the comprehensive strength of the enterprise, the Hefei Gaochuang successy listed on the new board, let the rising strength, the world could hear the voice of Hefei gaochuang.

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