What are the methods of restaurant Marketing

What are the methods of restaurant Marketing

are aware of the importance of marketing for the work carried out, many operators are also aware of the importance of marketing, however, because the method is not correct, leading to the marketing effect is not ideal events also exist. In short, do not spend money on the marketing of food marketing ideas! So far there is no restaurant to open the SEM mode, the most is to do a small and beautiful brand area, which is already under the environment on the tall restaurant. Do not spend money on marketing, we can collectively referred to as content marketing, to do a good quality of communication and strong content, than spend a lot of money to do more effective advertising! More effective! Than the reduction, of gifts more powder.

so many companies want to rain under the no money marketing effect, so follow suit.

1, story marketing

story marketing has long been no stranger, all walks of life can be put in place, the success of everywhere, unsuccessful also fell a number of batches. Sales of oil, selling pancakes, selling steamed bun…… These success stories for many believe in the story of the enterprise to do the advertised! So more people to follow suit, imitation to prevent nor go beyond, or even out of orbit!

once a lot of people are laughing at the power of the story, in the marketing world, not called "story", written out is not to tell you stories, these are professional "content marketing" founder of the work. Since oil and "story" by pancake show that this can be earned one vote career, eat melon people have also become the sea maigua people began to boast self stories, the story did not say understand, melon is also cheap to sell, the boss is gone.

are several subjects to do the best story: the secret story, the restaurant can do address historical stories, ingredients can do exclusive channels can do the background of the story, the boss can do the story, cooks Michelin can do beautiful story, boss can do the story.

but don’t have the story make trouble out of nothing, not time, study how to cater to your target consumer tastes.

story created after the need is a little trigger, multi-channel diffusion.

simple channels are the following: the entrance of the restaurant advertising screen, X display, menu page, table, WeChat, micro-blog, the number of public micro official website, Post Bar restaurant, is easy to reach the entrance channel.

as long as your story is based on a true story, there must be a market. But each consumer’s taste buds feedback to the brain of the information is true, the story again to attract a lot of worship, but because it is really unpalatable, will never lose consumers.

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