Business can not lose integrity

Business can not lose integrity

for the current businesses a variety of promotions, many customers have a feel alarmed feeling, fear that a careless may have cheated. Now, in order to attract the attention of customers, all businesses have resorted to all the skills, the purpose is to attract the attention of customers. They seem to be able to attract customers, even if they win. But in the actual retail process, even to attract the customer, the customer does not necessarily buy it, because of the advertising business in attracting customers, is suspected of exaggeration, this result is very disappointed customer.

once, I went to a shop to buy something, the store posted at the door of a big banners, top write "audience commodity twenty percent off" several characters very tempting, let my footsteps imperceptibly walked in. That there is indeed found a lot of love a commodity, think the price is much cheaper than usual, so I was delighted to buy a few pieces, but after buying, at the time of payment, the waiter told me that a few goods is not twenty percent off, I feel rather baffling, Ming Ming banners twenty percent off ah, why don’t you give a discount?

the owner explained: "you only see a few characters, there is a small word, meaning ‘from’ is not just hit twenty percent off, eight fold." He explained very clearly, but I was very unhappy. I think there is a feeling of being cheated, he clearly is to deceive the customer’s behavior, his advertising is flashy, deliberately playing word games. After I went back to my friends and family said this thing, we all feel that this is a loophole, is not a good faith performance, have said that he will not go to the store to buy things.

coincidentally, once, I was stimulated again. I went to a shop to buy a belt. One by one, I look a little confused. All of a sudden, I was attracted by an advertisement from the merchant!" I immediately heart joy, the same price, I can buy two, it is too cost-effective.

when I went in, the boss gave me a warm welcome. I picked one and was about to pay. The boss handed me a pair of socks. But the boss said: "we buy a send a refers to send a pair of socks." I immediately angry, this is not deceptive? I and his theory, and finally I have a stomach gas left there, the belt did not buy.

another time, I went to the provincial capital to work, in the provincial capital to the railway station on the road, I found a man selling areca side, I asked how much money a pound, he said vaguely: five yuan!" I am not expensive, so happy to squat down to buy. I picked three pounds, after the scales, I will pay. However, the other side is not enough, I gave twenty yuan is not enough? At this time, he said: five yuan one or two!" I was very annoyed

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