Double education new concept of comprehensive reform in 2016

Double education new concept of comprehensive reform in 2016

in the "double since the policy implementation, management education in Universities in the continuous reform and innovation, to cultivate innovative people. In 2016, the major universities and comprehensive reform of the new proposition.

2015 is known as the first year of China’s creative education. Premier Li Keqiang wrote in a letter to the Tsinghua University, said: "the public entrepreneurship, innovation, the core is to stimulate people’s creativity, especially to stimulate the creativity of young people." How to cultivate more innovators and entrepreneurs, is the core proposition of management education. In 2015, the core proposition, from the top-level design has begun the essay.

2015 in May, the general office of the State Council promulgated the "opinions" on deepening the reform of higher education, clearly from 2015 onwards, will deepen the university innovation and entrepreneurship education reform, aiming at the 9 reform tasks, launched more than 30 specific initiatives.

the reform roadmap, colleges and universities around the precise force, comprehensive measures. According to statistics, 82% of the country’s colleges and universities to open an innovative entrepreneurship education courses, the establishment of the University of innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of 68%, the number of people to participate in various types of innovation and entrepreneurship practice activities of 6 million 130 thousand. The Ministry of Education held the first "Chinese Internet plus" College Students’ innovative entrepreneurship competition, more than 1800 colleges and universities nationwide 200 thousand students participating.

2015 college graduates employment quality report

?Jing Degang, deputy director of the Ministry of education of College Students’


in Tsinghua University President Qiu Yong seems to support innovation and entrepreneurship education, to include 4 points: one is the entrepreneurial talent need long-term training, university education should focus on guiding students to strengthen the sense of innovation, fostering entrepreneurship, training creative ability, promote the formation of a good atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship.

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