Fan Jialin Egg Tart daily business selling a net profit of 3000 yuan

Fan Jialin Egg Tart daily business selling a net profit of 3000 yuan

is now a lot of college students are willing to choose their own business, do not want to carry a briefcase every crowded bus to go to work that day can not meet their desire for life, want to say today is such a student, her name is van Jia Lin, he opened a business egg tart shop, now a popular business day. Net profit of 3000 yuan a day!

before two months up to earn 3000 yuan

2011 in July 7th, seventh days after graduating from the University of Fan Jialin, her Egg Tart dessert – Egg Tart dessert Town, officially opened in Huiquan square. Egg Tart town dessert shops only sell freshly baked Egg Tart, provide color flavor and taste of the top Egg Tart, guests eat fresh, eat at ease Egg Tart town aimed at mass consumption, suitable for Chinese taste, wide audience, small investment, big profits! This is why Egg Tart town business reasons why so fire! Because it was summer, very popular. "Most of the time a day earned 3000 dollars." Fan Jialin said.

2012 instant loss of hundreds of thousands of heavy rain in summer rain, almost extinguished Fan Jialin entrepreneurial dreams. "It was August a heave rain night, probably about two in the morning, I was the wake-up call." Fan Jialin recalls, "when I got to the store, the water was already half a meter deep……" The rain caused her a direct loss of more than 10 million, which does not include the loss of intangible assets after the rain.

from the beginning of the start date, Fan Jialin in addition to constantly enrich the business projects, but also the use of spare time to the city labor and social security department opened entrepreneurship training class "charge", learn some knowledge of management. "Although these five years down, on the benefits, I do not lose money, but I do not feel discouraged, I will continue to adhere to the. I believe that as long as we stick to it, there will always be see

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