The business of the whole – Su Qiurong

The business of the whole – Su Qiurong

even a small shop, but if you can master more business experience, so can also make big business, Su Qiurong’s shop is so. Su Qiurong health spring non-staple food store is located in Fuzhou City West Yangqiao five stars, monthly sales of more than 10 customers. The store’s business highlights is to promote the sale of other goods mixed food. When asked about its sales experience, he told the author, summed up is the holiday promotion, door-to-door, parity operation". Specifically, the following points:

for grocery goods in grocery stores small capital and little gain, rarely do promotions. And I am not the same, often through a variety of promotions, profit sharing, so that customers feel concessions, enjoy benefits.

I always believe that cheap is the best way to stimulate sales. I shop from time to time will launch some special, special offer goods, such as rice is often a customer to buy a bag of one or two yuan cheaper, Tandao price a pound but few cents cheaper, a month can sell two or three tons. More importantly, the promotion so that more repeat customers, sales of goods increased.

sales go up I can buy a lot, strive for more preferential purchase, at the same time, accelerate the turnover, reduce the funds, guarantee the goods fresh selling a good friend, too. "Puerile" all understand the truth, but blind promotion will only reduce free store revenue, no benefits. According to my experience, the success of the promotion depends on whether there is a good choice of promotion, promotion and promotion.

is the first choice of promotional opportunities. My shop in the Changchun Garden District, near the Taurus Park and Verma Sam’s club, a weekend and holidays, traffic will increase significantly. So most of my promotional use of this opportunity to carry out, the effect is very good. Sometimes I will choose some commodity sales season promotion, such as the summer drink demand, but I often choose several new pin or a bottle of beverage to engage in special offer sales, a discount of two triangle, to the customer will be able to leave a deep impression, not only in sales can be pulled up, but also to establish a reputation in customers in parity.

followed by the choice of good promotional goods. I usually choose a larger sales of goods for sale, and try to choose a factory with the goods. The price of promotional merchandise should be at least 10% of the normal price, otherwise it will not appeal to customers, and will not achieve the purpose of promotion.

also pay attention to the promotion of diversification. Constant promotion methods will make customers lose freshness and reduce the attractiveness to customers. So, in addition to the sale, I often transform promotions let customers enjoy the benefits: for example, buy a box of pure milk and sent 5 boxes of milk, buy a box to send a bottle of beer or cola orange fruit, buy the whole cigarettes deliver a lighter or other small gifts (the "freebie" Pro >

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