Content entrepreneurship needs to be wary of seven mistakes

Content entrepreneurship needs to be wary of seven mistakes

in recent years, the content of entrepreneurship has become a new venture. Its profit profit quickly, becoming the first choice for many entrepreneurs. But it’s not easy to get ahead in this field.

1. team composition, equity allocation unreasonable

any area of core business and the first step is "team". We found that many teams are content with common interests together, the team members are more emotional, often ignored the basic principles of the establishment of the company should follow: first, the core team members of the background should be complementary, avoid homogenization. For example, one of the 4 partners in the company, there are 3 writers origin, but the content of the market away from the market, so it is inevitable biased in decision-making. We should take into account the content from production to market output, each one has his good points and play their proper role. At the same time, his partners should accord with the personal experience and ability, not impulsive, avoid trouble in future cooperation because of the unfair distribution of shareholders’ equity and bring.

2. content, the lack of long-term planning

in the air before the arrival of many years, a team often exists in the form of workshop, no money would contact outsourcing, the money to do something you love something, there is no long-term planning for your future development. But the capital wants to support, is the mind of the world, interested in becoming the next Disney, Pixar team. In order to become an industry leader, not overnight can be completed. Because most of the content is only 3-5 years of life cycle, there is no one of the excellent literary company can only rely on one or two successful. Continue to produce high-quality content, is a prerequisite for long-term development.

like Wanhe day should have developed "never thought" the boss "report" detective Di Renjie "series of IP, continue to maintain and expand the fan base;" happy twist "and" Sherlock is in trouble "twist its IP one. In fact, as early as in 2013, happy twist on the drama work, "Earl of Oolong" prepared to become a screenplay, ready to enter the big screen, but because the content has not passed the audit, this plan is not completed. If you do not have many years of training and accumulation of IP, twist short time can not create a box office miracle.

3. target audience, audience demand is not clear

The team built

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