How to choose a micro shop

How to choose a micro shop

micro shop has been opened up, but still do not know what kind of products can be sold in the end, and the customer came in after the store was found empty, I am afraid it is difficult to enter the late. So, after the selection of micro shop APP, do not worry about registration. After registration, the shop opened, the total can not let the shop empty, right? Therefore, before registration (opening), it is best to prepare for the sale of goods.

selection of goods for sale, the survival and development of the micro store is essential. Here, we talk about the six principles of choice of goods. You are eager to prospective shopkeepers who first up posture to talk about making money.

1. goods and target customers match


micro shop opened up, is likely to happen: when you "he found the degreeses, finally found a merchandise and with the fastest speed on the shelves, and then with excitement when waiting for earning large quantities of gold each day last week, but found that, over a month to go. Goods are not sold several pieces.

cause of this situation may be related to the commodity itself, such as quality is not pass, the price is not fair, but the greater the likelihood is that the owner did not put their resources and commodities to effectively match.

your circle of friends – including WeChat, QQ and other friends, is generally a group of attributes of people, your goods should be designed around the needs of these people. Of course, you can also identify the goods, and then have the destination to develop customer demand for such goods, but to make more effort in marketing.

in any case, the goods must match the target customers. Do not sell the refrigerator to the Eskimos stupid thing, it is only a number of marketing trainers who imagine and gimmicks.

2. select seasonal goods

so called season goods, that is to adapt to changes in consumer demand. If the sky is filled with snow, there are people in the sales miniskirt, so that the micro shop not far from close.

when the demand for consumers with a variety of subjective or objective factors change, the owner must seize the opportunity to adjust and replace the commodity, so as to make the micro shop sustained attention.

3. choose hot goods

relative to the general merchandise, hot food can attract the eye, but also to bring more popularity and sales of micro shop. So it’s a good idea to choose a hot item.

in the choice of hot goods, the timing of the entry and future market trends to have a clear

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