The people of Nanjing network encounter beauty recommended division stocks lose millions of dollars

The people of Nanjing network encounter beauty recommended division stocks lose millions of dollars

the advent of the Internet to make our lives more convenient, but the Internet in the financial convenience for everyone, there is a certain risk. QQ beauty suddenly approached the initiative, a group of people in Nanjing thought the affair, did not think the other is a recommended division". On the other side of the conversation, the people believe in each other, and come up with the money to pay for other stocks, resulting in the loss of millions of dollars. Police remind the general public, entrusted with the huge risk of financial management, the general public must be cautious.

listen to beautiful "recommendation division" stocks losses big

not long ago, Nanjing, Qinhuai police received a report, Wang said he was a person who was about 1000000 stocks. It turned out that Wang in April this year, when the Internet, received a QQ friend application, the applicant’s head is a beautiful young girl, Wang readily added to each other. This netizen Zhang and Wang chatted, Zhang said he is a securities company stock division, "one hand" news, many of her clients make money many times over.

face Wang recommended half believe and half doubt attitude, teacher Wang revealed a few recent bullish stock. Wang wait a few days, pleasantly surprised to find Zhang said the stock is indeed gratifying gains. So, he looked up to Zhang, and revealed to the other side want to follow her stock. Zhang promised, she said, taking into account Wang usually work very busy, can help on behalf of speculation, but to collect a few hundred dollars symbolic fee. Wang immediately remitted to the other side of the information fee, a total of about 300000 funds into the market.


, Wang found his stock all the way down, but he listened to Zhang’s words, not only did not sell, but also increase investment. "Trading mainly in April, June and July I also continued to give her money." Wang told the police, Zhang to help themselves to buy stocks are in a state of loss, six months down their own have lost millions of dollars, but also to pay a few pen fees, dues.

Wang look forward to the hands of the stock rebound, but until October, but the deeper the more sets. Wang would like to contact Zhang through QQ, but the other side has not responded.

recommended teacher or involved in the fraud, the police involved in the investigation of

Wang told the police, when he saw the picture on the QQ pop up is a beautiful young woman, there is nothing to guard against.

however, Zhang did not show from first to last, have their own identity, also did not show relevant qualifications, he is even more beautiful "recommendation division" has not seen, even the company name, the other is to say something indistinctly.

this, the police preliminary judgment, Zhang may be a liar. At present, the police have been involved in the tune