What are the requirements for joining Yang Guofu

What are the requirements for joining Yang Guofu

in the Mala Mala snack brand Yang Guofu is joining the brand long an era, and is a development project relatively large, so choose to join the brand, can add a helping hand for your future business. So what about Yang Guofu?

look at the following xiaobian.

Yang Guofu spicy food Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007, is a professional engaged in spicy snacks and franchising large chain enterprises. Companies adhere to the "hunger breeds discontentment, to food security for the road of development", adhering to the "green health, delicacy nutrition, quality and integrity, business philosophy and constant innovation and win-win development", the spirit of hard work and occupation.

young "Yang Guofu" with the one and only taste and product standardization, service standardization, standardized management, distribution unified management, build the Malatang industry brand advantage; development so far, Yang Guofu Malatang has been in the country 14 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions from more than 200 City, have nearly 1200 restaurants; has won the "national market credit union enterprises", "Chinese assured join catering preferred brand", "Heilongjiang consumer favorite snacks, famous brand" people trust the top brand "and many other honors.

with the pace of life continues to accelerate, the rapid development of the "Yang Guofu", is committed to provide customers while enjoying delicious, create a comfortable dining environment and convenient service for the purpose; the future "Yang Guofu" will continue to "green health, delicacy nutrition, advantage integrity, win-win development" business philosophy; continue improve the management system, technical system, operation system and quality system at the same time, efforts to develop franchise business, create a "Chinese snack restaurant chain

join Yang Guofu spicy hot what requirements? Specific details are as follows:

1. passion for food and beverage business, with a long-term commitment to the cause of food and beverage business enthusiasm, dedicated, dedicated.

2. has a certain business background or business driven, familiar with the local food and beverage industry, the status quo, with the basic concept of enterprise management.

3. has a certain economic entity and financial strength, no personal bad business credit record.

4. agrees with the business philosophy and product structure of the headquarters, obey the unified management and training of the headquarters, and strictly implement the franchise contract and maintain Yang Guofu.

5. has an independent legal personality (as early as 18 years of age). Can provide the Chinese people with the law in fact the two generation ID card.

6. provide store location