How to run a stall encountered bad competition

How to run a stall encountered bad competition

the same place, you are placed in the stall at the same time, can not guarantee that others will not come, there is no competition can be taken, terrible or that kind of bad competition. Baidenan encountered bad competition, the next step will be in place, according to the same stall and stores the general price and their purchase price as a reference, basically is the lowest in the basis will be low, so puerile, talent will be more and more business will become better.

, for example, a pair of socks generally sell 2.5 yuan, the purchase price is 1.2 yuan, you can sell 1.6 or 1.8 yuan. Do not hold no 50 – more than 100 of the profits do not sell. You do not sell you do not earn, you sell cheap no matter how much money you earn, better than dead holding goods. The most important thing is that you need to sell cheap so that everyone knows, so that people do not buy this thing to know, so they need to buy the time will take the initiative to find you. Otherwise you lose the market, but also the pressure of goods, it is only waiting to die. Biexian method mean at that point is also spread the fight at outrance, war, also speak of war.

The first school,

I venture entrepreneurship is low fees, low cost, low risk, it is suitable for the urgent urgent heart of entrepreneurship, but the funds are relatively few friends, 2013 was known as "the history of the most difficult employment season, a lot of job also have many friends often graduated I find chat, I said" try to stall the well-being of the world ", try to be rejected to grind down the spirit and pride, not idle at home, busy for a long time will make a person like clockwork, if loose for a long time, passion and confidence will be shattered, a person to do what things are. We should keep a positive attitude.

is also a good way to stall, part-time income, but their family, are generally spread in the night market, the day time can be arranged freely, does not affect the work. Stall to understand the sales, in fact, is very important, you have to know whether the other side of the money? In the promotion, we must grasp the purchasing power of each other, if there is no purchasing power of customers talk about! It is nonsense.

whether the other party has the right to purchase. This point can also be seen in the stall to see. For example, the object of toys children. If the other party has the desire to buy, there is a saying that the ad is good: there is no sale no killing. If the other party does not need this kind of commodity, how do you encourage also useless.

set up a stall in the current has become a very common, but no matter what will meet all the competition, we only have the right to solve this kind of competition, can let the business become more and more popular. So, if you put a stall encountered bad competition, do you know how to do it?

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