What are the principles of commodity display

What are the principles of commodity display

goods in the end how to display, not entirely in accordance with the wishes of the owner, more time is still in fact need to follow certain principles. So, what are the principles of commodity display? Let Xiaobian for your analysis to see if these principles will help your career development.

1, profit maximization principle

The display of

products should ensure the full benefits of the store, for example, the product is designed to occupy more space to attract the attention of customers. Therefore, in the vivid display at the same time, it is necessary to be beautiful, while trying to increase the number of customers in the line of sight. This is because a lot of competition results show that when we are able to occupy more space than competing brands, customers will be more likely to buy products.

again, the manager should also consider more and more varieties of classification of products together, to show to the customer, so as to ensure to satisfy the needs of different consumers, increase sales, increase profits, but also can improve the store image and increase product influence, gain more long-term profit.

2, visual jump impact principle

emphasizes the influence of product layout on customer vision. For example, door design stores should be high-grade, eye-catching, easy to remember the customer; the main gate to display products, distinctive character; store window should be bright and transparent, but also can play a beautiful role of modification; the store channel should be scientific, suitable for the customers around, and set the corresponding "line" standard. For effective guidance, let customers as much as possible close to more products; lighting design stores should do and coordination, is inclined for collocation.

3, moisten things silently principle

The principle of

is to create the environment atmosphere. For example, in food stores, to do a special display mode, can cause the special olfactory response of customers; in any stores, should pay attention to the customer may cause auditory reaction products display position…… The display on the details, there may be no attention to the consumer from the beginning to the end, but still need to grasp the manager.

4, key principles of

stressed the importance of the display should be focused, focused, in the process of continuous adjustment, according to changes in the market and customer demand, the performance of different points out shop.

5, aesthetic principle

pay attention to the coordination between products, the proportion of harmony between products and so on, to maintain the store through the product placement reflects the image characteristics.

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