Medical device list first know

Medical device list first know

now there are a lot of investors will be looking at the health industry, medical devices as one of their choice. What are the medical equipment brands on the market now? Xiao Bian here briefly, I hope you can find their own brand satisfaction.

1, 100 bright medical devices

2, superior brain instrument

1920, a German scientist Berger (Hans.Berger) successfully completed the first human biological brain wave records, and found that four kinds of biological EEG alpha and beta waves, Bo, delta wave, respectively determine people’s learning, memory, attention and resting state. After decades of research, scientists found that human knowledge depends on the brain, when the brain in the process of receiving information to obtain knowledge, each state of the brain corresponds to a specific biological brain waves, but only at a specific waveform in order to achieve the best state of the people. This discovery shocked the entire scientific community, the relationship between the brain and learning has become the focus of scientific research scientists.

and brain instrument WisBat of the United States and the United States Mindlab has developed a patented product, the use of modern high-tech patented technology and advanced physics principle developed by light and sound, with the principle of frequency induced by brain cells to quickly enter the best condition, the release of the five learning ability. Excellent brain internal program by the international famous instrument development expert Dr. Rozanov brain states and Germany International Brain Science Hans  Dr. Bittner design, obtained the academic brain highly praised and affirmed.

3, Huaxing Kangtai medical devices

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