What is the car shop coup

What is the car shop coup

the reason why a shop business can be hot, which is often a business skills, for other operators, naturally also has a coup. Yantai, Qixia Jin Ling Road, there is a humble cigarette retail stores – Yingli tobacco supermarket. The supermarket is not large, only smoke and wine, but the business is very prosperous, cigarette sales, structure, profit and other operating indicators in the city among the best.

car owner Lan Lan 56 years old this year, operating nearly a decade of tobacco and wine supermarket. When talking about the business with the author, the car was a little shy smile, said: "there is nothing special, I was as good as possible to serve every customer." With the deepening of the conversation, the car is a shop in the language of the coup inadvertently reflected……

coup one: service win win praise


" is a guest, all by heart sincere! Let the customer happy to come, satisfied and comfortable, is the key to good business, so I want to provide customers with the most intimate service." Che Yanlan said.

is at the counter of the supermarket, there are two transparent glass teapot, which is filled with black tea and green tea. Che Yanlan said that if the dog days, with mung bean soup will teapot, and the 39 day will be replaced by ginger. Customers in the store to pick up the goods, she will be based on the needs of customers for them to send a cup, so that customers really feel the intimate service. "For so many years, I have become accustomed to the customer for this cup of tea. Into the shop is a guest, I come to the same customers."

at the same time, the car is still in the shop to prepare a small tea table, installed a wireless network. Because some customers choose goods for a long time, and will bring a friend to come, so the car is also prepared for the rest of the place for them to try to create a comfortable shopping environment.

car blue these seemingly ordinary but coup, in fact, the most able to impress the customer’s heart, so that they truly feel the sincerity of the service.

coup two: Fidelity security tree integrity

"people do not stand without integrity, no integrity without integrity." In the course of the operation of the car very seriously "integrity" two words, in her words: "integrity management is responsible for the customer, it is responsible for their own."

a few years ago, one day, a customer in the car to buy a shop in the blue box "Hongta mountain" (Ruan Jingdian), the customer will soon go back to find that the smoke is false. Although some grievances, but the car said LAN patiently explain to the customers, the store said that she is the only channel of cigarette purchase tobacco companies, there is absolutely no cigarettes. But the customer is not convinced, not a replacement, but also called the "12313" complaint

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