2017 Tianjin and the national exchanges face rectification

2017 Tianjin and the national exchanges face rectification

2016 China will vigorously rectification of all kinds of securities exchange, let more clear inferior exchange market, has brought great protection to the investors, most of the illegal illegal futures, precious metals company has brought serious influence to the majority of investors, so that they suffered a greater loss.

2016 November, the Tianjin Securities Regulatory Commission spokesman Deng Ge said that the rectification of various types of trading venues inter ministerial joint meeting of the office has been deployed throughout the country are all kinds of places to conduct a thorough investigation of the local trading. According to incomplete statistics, as of March 2016, the national commodity electronic trading market, a total of 1570, of which more active trading of about 70. According to Guoxin Securities statistics, in 2015 China’s total commodity spot market trading volume nearly 29 trillion yuan, which is three of the precious metals trading, but due to the lack of necessary supervision, many exchanges have existed many problems in the operation mode, trading rules etc..

it is understood that some organizations suspected of illegal futures exchange activities, these places in silver, crude oil and other commodities as the subject of the transaction, by way of centralized trading auction, continuous auction, electronic matching, anonymous trading, market makers and other standardized contract transactions, and the use of margin system, the introduction of 10 times, 20 times, even 50 times leverage; settle transactions through hedging positions, basically no physical delivery; the introduction of futures trading daily balance system, the forced liquidation system, market volatility slightly larger that led investors to ruin. Members of the unit and individual investors based on gambling transactions, resulting in a serious loss of the majority of investors.

addition, some suspected illegal exchange organization "securities trading activities, these places mainly postage stamps, coins and cards for the subject of the transaction, or to jade jewelry, tea, wine and other commodities as the transaction object, transaction mode and the stock market is similar. Some exchanges with the issuer to issue a virtual distribution, to lure investors to the high disk, then the price limit, a large number of investors were looted.

is now all over the country, like precious metals and currency, and a threat to people’s property, let more people fall into step by step they designed a trap, let them suffer greater losses, the relevant state departments issued all kinds of corrective policy helps to ensure that the interests of investors.

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