Olympic champion successful transition entrepreneurial talent

Olympic champion successful transition entrepreneurial talent

business is in fact no identity of the points, at the same time, no matter who it is, whether it is in a what kind of age, people can start to change the trajectory of self, then say the entrepreneur is not only the Olympic champion, is also a record industry champion.

"at that time I was too sharp, gas field is too strong, people contact is not particularly comfortable. Give a person a relatively distant feeling, so that others do not want to talk to me more."

if not heard, it is hard to believe that this is always on the ice was overbearing, due to various penalties stock three national short track speed skating team but is Wang Meng. After leaving the ice after the knowledge in business for nearly a year, although Wang Meng still had straight talk from an honest man, but a thousand li away edge has subsided a lot.

2014 in June, Wang Meng Sports Culture Industry Co., Ltd. in her hometown of Heilongjiang, Qitaihe quietly laid the foundation. The company has a total investment of 77 million yuan, composed of her own funds and venture capital. Wang Meng said that she almost all of the family into the venture, but also includes her former teammates and friends of the funds. Among them is her friend Liu Xianwei on the national team. Liu Xianwei is now in the company of Wang Meng, responsible for the operation of a factory.

to return home, Wang Meng insisted the factory located in Qitaihe city. This decision has brought the recommendation

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