Shop Bracelet cheap sales also post

Shop Bracelet cheap sales also post

now on the market is very feeling for mobile phone shell products like this, people are using smart mobile phone, so will buy mobile phone accessories, which makes a bracelet this product has great development space. Today, we look at the bracelet entrepreneurs how to shop business.

79 yuan millet Bracelet news has a month, is no longer talked about everyone will talk about after dinner conversation, set off a month before the waves has slowly subsided, at least on the surface. The day before yesterday passed the apple store, think of the current domestic Bracelet products and entrepreneurial environment, or very sense, so I decided to write something.

7 month, 79 yuan millet bracelet, there is no doubt that entrepreneurs in this field are shocked, which is like a wife pregnant, is happy for a few days, suddenly came: the child’s father is not you!

79 yuan, a good point can not buy a t-shirt. For a small business team, hardware cost is not the biggest, the cost of software development is sometimes more high, this is not to mention the design, feelings and other intangible costs, to support the team, on the overcharged 35 bucket, you said "79".

it belongs to later on, skimming pricing innovation and innovation is not clearly be inopportune or inappropriate, only a short time, low permeability can occupy the market actively. It can have a "Internet thinking", with "mobile phone bracelet is to flow", can not earn much bracelet, mobile phone to sell Dianbu back, but really want this, millet Bracelet team much ah. It has the advantages of the channel, there is no need to consider such a trivial problem to feed the team, the amount of millions of a shop, the cost can be very low pressure, 79 do not too cheap, it can still be profitable.

can not earn, accidentally also made out of small, easily vote entrepreneurs, so maybe this menace from the rear, there is also a "millet". This is the logic of millet bracelet, the material level is no harm on the dry, special logic with Chinese characteristics.

three points mentioned above, domestic entrepreneurs are almost No. Some may say, I am thinking of the Internet ah, nonsense, are things tens or hundreds of dollars, they have a "pig." well, think of what wool? Let’s talk about thinking first. What to do? Follow up slightly, this is like playing poker in Dezhou, either with OUT or, more money is most likely to win the last.

BONG directly from 699 to 99, while we HALOBAND decided to direct $39 in Taobao congregation chips. It was a little bit of a decision to make such a decision, but we did.

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