How to open a cosmetics shop more money to develop and manage members is the key

How to open a cosmetics shop more money to develop and manage members is the key

whether you have the experience of this line of cosmetics, you have the opportunity to open a cosmetics shop, cosmetics industry threshold is not high, as long as we have some business skills, do not worry about doing well. How to open a cosmetics shop to make money? Customer is God, the customer is the exclusive and exclusive survival and development of the cosmetics store, the store is the survival of the store can not grasp the customer. So how to win new customers and retain old customers? Development and management of members is the key.

member profiles

member profiles is the first step of membership management, convenient service, to avoid the loss of membership information. In the establishment of membership files, according to the customer’s age, gender, income and other information for effective classification. Old customers and new customers to distinguish, according to the length of time to join the phone tracking, interactive communication, close the distance between the shop and the members. Establish weekly, monthly and quarterly and annual service standards, such as the regular members enjoy membership gifts or other recreational activities, to increase membership identification of cosmetics shop; regular customer communication, adjust sales focus and promotion of preferential policies, improve the probability of returning members of the shop.

to carry out tracking serviceAfter


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