How to coordinate the restaurant lobby and kitchen work

How to coordinate the restaurant lobby and kitchen work

The two most important departments of

is a restaurant lobby and restaurant Houchu, to flow, the two departments in close coordination and cooperation is very important, if the match is not good, there will be a lot of problems, with the good, is a win-win result! So what can fit in? Xiaobian the restaurant leader following suggestions.

restaurant business lobby and how to coordinate the work of kitchen

1, put the list ready

is the most clear for kitchen dishes stored in the warehouse, to sell all of the dishes, kitchen should promptly notify the front desk, open the list of guests in the order, inform the guest, the guest to avoid adverse mood.

2, waiter to understand how to serve


according to different situations, to grasp the different serving skills, more appropriate on what food in different places, which requires the transmission of food and kitchen with transfer dishes with the fastest speed, to ensure the normal vegetable dishes.

3, innovative dishes need to focus on recommending


many chefs are on their love dishes very much, has developed many new dishes, but these dishes are always ignored, how to solve this problem, this is the need for the waiter recommended, let the guests to eat different food.

4, retreat vegetables overwhelmed

in the kitchen cooking process, there will be some food for the guests omissions, food is not satisfied, ask for a refund if the food, this time with good will have problems, this time is the need to strengthen communication, to solve the problem quickly.

5, special requirements are not met

sometimes customers will have some special requirements, the waiter did not write clearly or not send the customer to eat in place, this does not meet the appetite for restaurant dishes, natural image caused by the impact, so the waiter to write special needs clear customer.

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