What is the name of the method

What is the name of the method

to the foot store on a good name for this foot store long-term development will be very favorable, so the name of almost every operator will be very concerned about the foot shop. Of course, if you want to give up on a good foot store, master the method is also very important. So, what is the name of the method? Now let’s get to know each other.

1. name is best to reflect your foot shop corporate culture, in line with the idea of foot shop business. Some foot shop investors just for the sake of good name, the results of people no matter how Lenovo can not hook and foot, so the name can not arouse the consumer’s desire to consume. Nature is not conducive to brand communication.

2. foot store name should be unique, not others, to do in many talent shows itself foot store, they must have their own out of the ordinary place, must have a unique style, unique.

3. foot shop name meaning should be positive, give a person a kind of relaxed, cheerful, have a taste of the feeling, and vice versa, will make people feel disgusted.

Not too uncommon to use the name

4. foot store, should be easy to identify. What is the name of the foot shop? Can have several names, do a test by friends, all the names are read to listen to friends, to see what the name easy to remember, but also easily lead to other people’s interest, this name is a good name. There is a VIP in the enterprise application Chinese foot foot store net friends a few days ago, gave me a message saying there is a good mechanic to recommend, but until today, I still don’t know their name two words which read what that must have no way to tell others, is not conducive to the spread of.

5. foot store name must be concise, let people read catchy, not a mouthful. Otherwise it will affect the foot shop brand promotion.

Although the name of the job is really need to face a lot of problems,

is not a good thing to do, but if you can master the relevant methods, you can easily get a good name to the store. So, if you need to give the name of the shop, you know what kind of method can be mastered?

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