What are the good entrepreneurial projects in rural areas

What are the good entrepreneurial projects in rural areas

many people now choose their own business, entrepreneurship is not what strange things, can do poineering work in the city, in the countryside can also entrepreneurship, national support in all aspects of rural development, the promotion of rural population’s income in a certain extent, improve the quality of people’s lives, people the idea has been changed. More and more rural people choose to give up the nine to five office life, choose to start their own businesses, in order to achieve their ideal life. So, what good entrepreneurial projects in rural areas? Now, let’s take a look at it!

what are the good entrepreneurial projects in rural areas? Feed processing

has a very rich as everyone knows, the rural land resources, basically the vast majority of people are farming, they will raise some chickens, ducks, pigs, sheep, they eat vegetables are basically their own kind, carnivorous product is also raising their own. With the continuous deepening of people’s health awareness, people of all kinds of poultry and animal husbandry, the growing demand for animal feed, open a feed processing plant, to ensure that livestock have a full meat. Therefore, the prospect of a feed processing plant is still very good.

what are the good entrepreneurial projects in rural areas? Children’s toy store

today, regardless of the parents, or parents of their child in the city, the cost of toys are great, they would in other places, a province, but in the purchase of children’s toys never stingy. Therefore, in rural areas to open a children’s toy store, is also a very good business choice. Open a children’s toy store investment costs between 1-5 million, the risk is very small, about a month to recover the cost of investment.

what are the good entrepreneurial projects in rural areas? Home appliance repair shop

in the countryside, basically every family has a TV, washing machines, refrigerators and a variety of farm machinery. These things are used more frequently, many parts are easy to aging, the natural frequency will be a little higher. As we all know, people in rural areas are relatively simple, they basically a thing will be used for many years, until the bad can not be used to be willing to change. Therefore, in rural areas to open a home appliance repair shop will be very profitable.

is a new rural modernization, it is a good place for business, if you want to in rural entrepreneurship, above this project is still very good, of course except for a few small rural entrepreneurial projects above the market, there is a similar business with a small capital project, such as: jewelry stores, clothing stores, hardware sewing shop stores, etc., are very suitable for rural venture capital. Finally, Xiao Bian here wish every investor can be successful, wealth billowing.

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