Xiamen 1-4 commodity residential housing market continued heat

Xiamen 1-4 commodity residential housing market continued heat

since entering in 2016, Xiamen’s real estate market has continued to heat, whether it is commercial housing or second-hand housing have been very hot. The following is about Xiamen in the sale of commercial housing and second-hand housing sales and regional statistics.

according to the Xiamen land real estate research center statistics, April 2016 Xiamen approved the sale of 9574 housing units, an area of 833 thousand square meters, of which 5236 sets of commercial housing, an area of 612 thousand square meters, the area rose 69%.

sales, April Xiamen 10232 sets of commercial housing sales, an area of 899 thousand and 900 square meters, of which commercial housing sales of 4871 units, an area of 564 thousand and 600 square meters, of which Xiamen local buyers accounted for.

regional transactions, Tong’an District 1346 sets, 147 thousand and 900 square meters of the city’s commercial housing turnover accounted for sales of 16072 Toubajiaoyi, Xiangan District 1244 sets, 128 thousand and 500 square meters followed, Haicang District with 876 sets of 107 thousand and 200 square meters, ranking third.

secondary housing market heat continues, April Xiamen second-hand housing transactions 10126 units, an area of 1 million 28 thousand and 600 square meters, of which second-hand housing transaction sets of 8695, an area of 884 thousand and 100 square meters, an area of up to.

Data Description: commercial housing, including commercial housing, commercial, office, garage (parking), etc.. Commercial housing sales data is based on the Xiamen City real estate registration center stage data submitted online real estate sales contract for the record, is reflected in the time period of commercial housing sales contracts online for the record, and the actual turnover will be different in time.

from the above data we can see that in the past four months, Xiamen commodity housing and second-hand housing transactions are very impressive. Then, in the next period of time, the property market in Xiamen will continue to heat it? What do you think of this?

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