Why food and beverage industry employees often leave

Why food and beverage industry employees often leave

China’s catering industry is a very popular choice of employment and entrepreneurship, it has a low operating threshold, attracting a large number of entrepreneurs. Food and beverage industry is the first choice for many people with low education, the reason is that it is very low threshold, as long as you are a healthy person, you are willing to endure hardship on the line.

A, employees younger

90 but social experience is not rich enough, many things are made by his temperament, the situation encountered would be more impulsive, often lack the rational judgment of things. Many of their careers are based on their own personal interests, hobbies, rather than look at the industry is suitable for their own. They are willing to keep trying new things, rather than being fettered for a long time.

two, the society lacks a sound training system

three, the society of the catering industry is not recognized by

Chinese in thousands of years of history, "restraining commerce" is a policy of emperors continued, although their business is rich, but no social status. And now, the catering industry practitioners are also in a very awkward position. They get paid for their hard work, but they often don’t get equal treatment. In today’s society, a lot of people or a restaurant overlooking the attitude, they think this is the restaurant workers inferior, social trends in food will produce a sense of inferiority, and ultimately leave.


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