Today’s individual Adsense, alone is feasible

Today’s individual Adsense, alone is feasible

mention personal Adsense, in this now micro-blog, WeChat rampant times, may have been forgotten in a corner. Little has been mentioned. Heard in the market, but also some of the older generation of older owners, to some novice suggestions. Truly conceived in the era of personal webmaster, it is fond dream. Today, I occasionally see an article in a loose blog about the confusion of a primary school teacher about building a website. Read his article, feeling a lot. Thought of himself, in the past few years has been doing the station. See what people do, what I do, what beauty station, game station, movie station, food station, entertainment station and so on. Don’t you think it started with imitation? Did you start with Baidu, Tencent?. And I have been imitating, have been on the road, never success. I’m also thinking about what makes me so far without a decent site. I summed up the following points:

Is the

domain really so important?

domain name is the entrance of the website, remember well is important. Just like a human name, simple, easy to remember, one to remember. For example, Zhang three, Li Si. But the content of the website is more important. Like a person, for example, a good diploma, can write a good hand. You can make a very good first impression, but your own accomplishments and qualities are even more important. How to ensure that the content of the site attractive, let users to your website can have a clear impression, why I will come back?. What can you bring to people, happiness, laughter, knowledge? When I took this domain name, I thought that a good domain name could bring users and bring traffic. It is really silly to tell some fantastic tales, very naive. At present, the picture station has been made: there are pictures, there is truth, _88313_ you want to see is a good picture.


user experience is really that important,


what I’m talking about here is some entertainment stations, such as movie stations, small game stations, and so on. The overwhelming number of ads on the web, and whether or not users are disgusted with your web site? My answer is no.. I thought I was doing the same thing, without advertising, no popups, and not clicking on a link would cause annoying websites. People will come to your website. Once again naive. The typical representatives are some personal movie stations, you go to see which is not the overwhelming advertising, every click once will eject the disgusting advertisement. But why are there many people visiting? Who can find movies that are not available in other places? And what HD, BD versions are much better than those video sites?. So many people were able to bear it down. I wonder if you feel the same way.

don’t blindly follow the trend.

knows what his strengths are and what he is familiar with. If you are a fitness instructor, you can be a fitness fan’s website. If you’re more interested in tattoos, you can also make a tattoo site. In short, find your hobby, so you will not be too tired, and will persist for a long time.


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