What makes the website design a problem Talk about the negative model of user experience

What makes the website design a problem Talk about the negative model of user experience



, as a user of a web site, you may often find something annoying when using a web site. For example, a login form, or navigation, or a whole web application can make it difficult for you to accomplish a task. What caused these problems in the design of the website,


the answer is complicated. The first problem is that designers may ignore a very important point: testing actual users. The reason for this problem is that designers usually assume that they know how to deal with the details of a particular part of a web site. Because many designers think, in other cases they have seen similar interaction, the original designer must have been tested, why make an unnecessary move brought good?. As a result, we frequently look at other people’s written CSS open source libraries and copy them directly into their designs without testing them in real scenarios. As a result, we have unwittingly created a work built from established templates.

some templates are more effective, but some are out of order. If the template as the wheel, so often you directly installed in the car wheels may be a bicycle wheel, irrelevant. So, yes, you should design the wheels for your car again, and try to put the wheels in the car.

what you have to consider:

– your users may not be the same as Amazon or Google’s target users, or even different from your competitors’ users. To find out whether a design template is effective, you must personally ask your "God" (user) to test it. Maybe you’re the crew of Dubai. (no kidding! This is a recent case in our company.). In short, your users and other web site target user needs are not the same.

– but haven’t we learned how the human brain interacts with information,


yes, but I must reiterate that the knowledge is macro and broad. Nothing is absolute. A recent study by Harvard University for example, in this experiment, the researchers designed a game according to the rate you click the mouse right to guess your age (translator’s note: more information about this experiment can refer to

http://s.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2313388/Age-test-drive-dotty-Online-quiz-reveals-old-REALLY-based-reaction-time.html). I was also involved. It was a really groundbreaking experiment.


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