Practice has proved that the link of external high quality websites is the right way

Practice has proved that the link of external high quality websites is the right way

Google PR will soon be updated, do not know how much the webmaster affects the mind, although Google said PR won’t see very heavy, but as many basis, PR is the webmaster in an important position, if you do not have PR, you go to exchange links, is a difficult problem.

The update speed of

said before an article that determines how much the chain search, there is a chain of PR is also very critical, today we want to talk about is our new website no PR how to do, how to row to the front of the others, how high do link with others PR problems.

one, character + word of mouth

your character is good, in the industry of good reputation, popularity is good. If you have all of this, many people in the industry would be happy to make a link to you, or even one-way links. If I do find the link graph king, I without demur, I can give him to do the link in all my site! Why, character and question. This needs everybody to be good, earnestly manages own personal brand.

with this first step, you’ll be able to do a lot of work and do your job well.

two, send baby

links, the chain, that is, change or create. If you don’t have the ability to make links, then you can take a change, or give money, or give someone something that he thinks is very useful. For example, some mound boss SEO information station is free to give the diagnosis, sell their brains, after the event, people in the home page to a link. For example, the group tour network, in the beginning, is to take the situation of the dinner, the tourism industry, a group of figures, please go to the hotel, according to dinner, discuss the industry prospects and trends. Later, we find a link, no one did not agree.

you can also give some webmaster send some coins, some owners can give you a free link in his idle position.

three, blogging

many blogs have very good weight. If you are traveling, you can go to foreign game sites, build more blogs, and bring your links to every blog. It works very well. Foreign well-known tourist sites in the PR is generally around 8 or 9. Much better than Sohu and sina.

four, find vulnerabilities,

a lot of websites with self application link function, part of the game, the official website of PR is very high, but the program is food, no audit link application can also conduct pr. This site too much, look for yourself. You can find no more than 100 in a week. When you apply for a site like this, it’s the equivalent of giving you a one-way link. Game site weight will be much higher?.

wants to get a good number in the last PR, and update the website in time, especially the original

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