Pornographic incident, let us wake up

Pornographic incident, let us wake up

People laugh and curse those

, you really have to say? When they frequently change sex partners, to find their own affair when married, when their Lieyan in PUB…… Do you also despise yourself,


because they are public figures, will be sent to hell? Someone with a retaliatory means illegal to spread his private photos, and more people doing? 11 11 11 download, spread, lest catch the sniff at, commented on de chance, originally had been injured one step towards the cliff is still not satisfied, but also keep salt.

Isn’t it "

the socialist society"? "Equality" is not respected? Ordinary people can star the seven emotions and six sensory pleasures, will be spurned by the duties of the seven emotions and six sensory pleasures? And Edison Chan just do is accepted by oneself, accept the things (even SM have been accepted, also want to take a picture by moral blame?), the accused person should be the idea spread distorted photos of people. Don’t need to say Edison Chan’s incomplete family to influence him, that’s not the point, what he did is a lot of people are going to do, take private photos, how many young people have tried (exception from the old society through to people), not to mention a life by foreign influence people. Those who feel dirty, I can only say that you have thought too antique, do not know what is the enjoyment of life (obviously he did was booing abusive people, if not the exception) era in progress, then so many heart doctors, hospitals, sex education, sex…… Will it still exist,

?How many people in

are cursing the party and looking forward to the spread of new photos? Is this kind of dirty behavior sublime with a moral coat? These people are shameless!


would Edison pictures in violation of the provisions of which our country which law? Some things can do a lot of people out as the target to vent, you don’t feel too much? Various sites are reported to spread such as photos and news, you should be moral maintenance? The victims have been so hurt you, even a bit of sympathy are not? Talk about more is unforgivable? How many people can this society paixiong Fu said he consistent from beginning to end for one

?People who hurt the malicious

malicious, you can end well? Life is not to do so many meaningful things, why so positive about this matter? Occurred some time ago someone to do good but was bite incident, so many people are indignant, and more people to learn "don’t assume", I would like to ask, if you own an accident, so you will be free of the crowd, and stop the spread of booing? Such a vicious spiral down, who will ultimately benefit


stars are human beings. Although they have more restrictions, they are human beings

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