Some experiences of local parent and child website operation

Some experiences of local parent and child website operation


saw an article on the A5 Webmaster Station some time ago, ": the Internet localization needs a trend: children ". The author also runs a localized parenting website with friends, and has done many activities online and offline. I have some experience. Bad writing, but also more inclusive. This paper aims to analyze the operation of the local website experience, then let the webmaster can avoid mistakes, let the webmaster detours.

Internet localization trend intensified, is grassroots Adsense a good way to start business. More and more webmasters have joined the localization camp. Various vertical websites and local websites have sprung up like mushrooms. All kinds of problems and obstacles are in front of us.

traffic problems,

we know, through the search engine SEO can get a lot of traffic, but in local sites, suitable for web site keywords index is not high, the flow is also limited? How to solve is to let the webmaster headache. The author managed three QQ groups, each group is a large group of 500-1000 people, through QQ group, I can quickly release the message to the hands of all direct users. Every time my line, online activities can do a hundred responses to a single call. In addition, micro-blog, WeChat, the public platform is also a good tool, we have to do is the accumulation of users. Spread the cohesion of the website to different tools, and the advantage is that users can be brought together according to the different habits of the Internet users. Of course, this also has drawbacks, that is, users are too dispersed, for the site traffic is fatal. Rome is not built in a day, the user’s habits are being guided by us. Believe that the site traffic will gradually get better.

competitors’ problems,

an industry without competition is unhealthy. Let’s not fear our competitors. The number of parenting websites in my city is about three, and the parenting channel for the local portal is even more. But every time the website is organized, the number of participants is ideal. What does it mean? First, the loyalty of local website users is not high. Activity is the magic weapon of the website. Take the local parenting website as an example, users can participate in appropriate activities according to their own needs. Second, the user’s needs have not been fully met. In front of me to like my children are enrolled in primary school, don’t go to climb music? Third, only competition can make winners win. Don’t be afraid of competitors. Competitors will make you more sense of urgency.

The content of the

web site,

The update of

‘s Baidu algorithm highlights a revolution in Internet content. How does local station stationmaster create content, obtain content, the author is done like this, the content of the website earlier stage will local information, tool, businessman, information wait for the user more practical information collects to the website. Then, the daily updates will be updated locally

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