SNS is a gust of wind blowing is no trace

SNS is a gust of wind blowing is no trace

SNS is a gust of wind blowing is no trace of

yesterday, my friend helped me set up a free SNS website. I lost my space. I didn’t know what kind of website to do. SNS currently the most popular network model, although there are procedures, but do not know how to start, because the core of the SNS site or forum, and did not because of wearing SNS factors and deterioration.

SNS is really like a gust of wind blew, perhaps no trace. Even if the current SNS model fiery and popular, but China is still a lot of various websites, there is no timely transformation, did not change the original traditional sites into SNS, this is a question worth thinking about. I recently studied SNS, but I’m not happy with SNS. The following are some of the following:

1. is a real gimmick,

For example,

campus network, network and network at home together with true as the starting point to promote, every site I registered in diving, after a period of time, to discover the truth is a gimmick, even if you name becomes a real name, so what? Is it in the SNS website to recognize a friend will give my money, willing to help me? I’m afraid not many people will do so, even in the SNS know, what to lend you money? What help you? SNS is just a simple understanding, but may not be able to consolidate the friendship, such as the SNS friends help you, how do you return?

2. lacks core requirements

when you go to these so-called "real communities" every day, you’ll find that you’re getting bored and empty as you go, because these so-called real online communities lack core demand. For example, people who go to Taobao are willing to go every day, and are willing to work hard every day to publicize, because it is their business. For example, we are willing to go to the stock website every day seriously understand the stock information, because the stock to everyone’s wallet, such as you go every day to play the game, because there are many things that you must worry about the game, but SNS? Some real friends, but has not yet reached the point that you had to worry about every day. Just a potential need. For example, members every day to money online networks account online account, why go every day, because the member must save money through accounting, if you do not go, never know how much money he spent.

3. alternative

recently met the SNS site friends really much, a friend recommended happy net (, a friend recommended to help visitors and friends join the family SNS recommended me home, a friend recommended to use the same building network, friends recommended Wealink, SNS website is really 5 flowers eight these sites, from the function and the mode is the same, only targeted groups are not the same, the biggest drawback of SNS is the site of strong substitutability. Because the content of the web site is generated by members, >

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