Website profit is the key place, website common profit pattern is summed up

Website profit is the key place, website common profit pattern is summed up

website profit is a lot of concern, a web site to do good, profit is the key; the local stations become more and more grassroots, local website how to profit has become the site operators must consider the problem.

May 5th A5 version of the chat activities, invited the Yantai forum responsible person Cong Jinlong, sharing the profit pattern of local website ideas, this paper focuses on finishing version, welcome to discuss.

asked: now the Yantai forum is very rich in information, the content of the post, users are offered? The number of users of the website is not so long, the staff completed their editing? In the website information maintenance in this respect, what do you have in

?Answer: our

is always the user to provide, in addition to business publicity and advertising, we would never take the initiative to their editing, nor with the vest to guide users, so many years has been relying on word-of-mouth publicity and participation of users. Or that sentence, we do for a long time can rely on boil, and now, if it is early in the development of the webmaster must take the initiative to guide and edit the. In addition to the technical level of information maintenance requires two development and maintenance, artificial is also essential.

asked: Yantai forum currently has Yantai, Yantai Taobao, Yantai real estate, is really a success, because earlier, has occupied the market, a new local station to begin operation whether there is room


answer: the local market and the site is also more and more refined, such as real estate network can be decomposed into a completely new houses, second-hand housing, decoration, building materials and so on, there are always a lot of space and opportunities, such as the group purchase etc.. Property we are mainly hard and broad industry, professional planning, marketing oriented.

asks: website profit is the topic that stationmaster cares most, there are still a few websites below Yantai forum, it is to profit with advertisement mostly, hope the honored guest can introduce the profit pattern of current Yantai forum.

answer: Yantai forum is a website in the polymerization attached below, there are a dozen other sites, the current profit is still the most advertising revenue, if now and then do a new estimate of Yantai forum theory more difficult to operate.

asked: advertising revenue is indeed a lot of local station is the main revenue model, Yantai forum there are a lot of advertising, these ads are businesses take the initiative to find you, or your salesman contact advertisers to advertise? Website start, early is not easy to find advertising businesses, do not know guests have a good method to convince advertisers advertising.

answer: at present because of influence and flow of reason, find our much more. The beginning of the site is best to have some activities conducive to business activities, so that businesses get some fixed income, and he will be long-term in your place there, otherwise it will not last long.

asks: "now smoke >

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