Why does cradle net become VC’s pet

Why does cradle net become VC’s pet

mentions parenting sites and people might think of the baby tree. Because it is the founder of Google founder Shao Yibo the father of Huainan and ebay. The two story has been widely circulated on the Internet: graduate schools, experience, enterprises investment background, let the entrepreneurs somewhat envy of the baby tree, although many of them even baby tree domains are not all together.

baby tree really have the baby grew up in something like a honeypot, returnees founder, tens of millions of dollars of investment risk, said Wang Huainan did not do promotion, while the baby tree in the MSN channel. Join MSN content channel, the insider understands this price, every year not less than 2 million.

Bao Baoshu is a bit of a celebrity in the IT circle, but in their real target audience, a baby web site with a history of nearly 10 years is better known to its parents, the cradle.



cradle’s flow curve is always above the baby tree,

why does the bassinet network become the darling of VC?

was originally born in the cradle of Silicon Valley, some returnees origin, 08 years by a number of venture capital favored for $17 million 100 thousand for 08 years in the winter of the few big risk investment items of interest. Cradle network, why does this parenting website appeal to venture capital?

One reason for

is the specificity of parenting websites, which is its dual value. Traditional portal logs, both Sina blog and Tencent QZONE, bloggers write logs, mostly writing themselves and displaying themselves. While parenting websites help children write logs that tend to be children’s growth records, and such websites become a bond between children and their parents.

in recent years, 80 has become the backbone of society, has entered the life of marriage and child rearing stage, they are often the only child, the parents that they like brothers and sisters from where to get birth experience, these new people really need a get parenting experience network platform; at the same time after 80 children are mostly one child, 421 inverted Pyramid structure, will let their children become the focus of the three generation of the family consumption. The commercial value of parenting is self-evident.

the author believes that another reason is that the cradle network experience accumulated nearly ten years, popularity and team. In early 2000, CNNIC related report data show that cradle net is the first professional parenting website; after 2001 2004 two Internet tide, cradle network remains firmly entrenched in the field of parenting website, and the way ahead, which illustrates the tenacious vitality.

why is the cradle network far ahead of


08 years April, famous performing stars Yung Hung, Yue Sun, Ying Cao settled in the cradle network, baby home, began writing

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