The eight year old age net station experience the lonely.

The eight year old age net station experience the lonely.

foreword: I, net name Xing Feng, was born in 1984 in Guangdong Huazhou’s a small mountain village, has nine years net age. In 1999, began to contact with the network, began to linger in the big Internet cafe, indulge in the chat room; 2000 began making personal homepage, first personal homepage free thinking, a website about Guo Jingming; December 2003, under the pressure of college entrance examination in 3.51 beginning of the true meaning of the power station; 2005 users in cocoa under the support of two people began to "co founded adorable students information port", the same year the station was sold for 1500 yuan; in December 12th of the same year, Xing Feng founded the model China, I began my life as a personal webmaster, then get out of hand……

determined to grow flowers, flowers do not open

knows my people and knows that I have a small desire to start an influential website. For this wish, in the past four years, I tried a great deal from the music station to the web site, from the station to the student entertainment portal, network to the TXT network to download from reading novels, I have been trying to constantly, because I have failed the capital, because I am young, because I have put a lot of can spend time capital, although I don’t have money, but in the heart that little dream, never stingy in the construction site, a large number of registered domain name, also purchased a lot of website space, of course also had two times to let the cheated money. These are the words, stop.

The first truly

you started on the site at the end of 2003, the name of the source of life. This is a very strange station name, if it is killed today, I will not be such a name, because the station name, there is no use of keywords. But in 2003, he did not have the concept of site planning, site planning has no consciousness, a never seen the world high school students how to think of those? The reason to take such a name, is to stimulate himself with such a site name, let oneself do not forget those who have helped us. The construction site to buy space and registered a top-level domain spent a total of 240 yuan, the cost of all users by mail sent to me, still remember the biggest amount of money is 180 yuan, send me a little girl in Shandong. I really appreciate those people, thanks to those who helped me. Good website, I seldom website management, to the time being one of the high Apple Princess management website completely by her man to manage, I just look up every Saturday, every week the site will see a lot of people published their work in the above, will see many familiar names in the in the forums, really touched, also very happy.

after the college entrance examination, as I prepared to go to the site management, taking national crackdown site to off, August 15, 2004, running for nearly two hundred days of life and death Siyuan website.

the source of drinking water, life source, use a lifetime to miss, miss those innocent days.

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