France webmaster experience user experience is king

France webmaster experience user experience is king

,, Merci, beaucoup.

I am a student is studying in France. Here I extend my thanks to the French behind. I study French stationmaster net has been half a year. The first week just to learn French, I accidentally came to the station network. Here I found, that there is such a freedom of occupation, personal webmaster from that day I have to do have a strong interest in.

well, not me. 1 months later I have to fly to France. Before I go, I want to put my half a year to create a web site experience tells everyone to.

just contact SEO, I put it on. That is the myth of SEO has everything. After half a year of practice. I told the novice webmaster, please don’t rely too much on the SEO. it will only make you more dependent. Your focus is not in the user experience, but keyword ranking, website I just think. Flow. I attach great importance to the user experience. I made I love you before, in each big forum to send out a questionnaire. About 3K people participated in the survey. The survey results from which I started to analyze the user needs more information. So I started their needs production,    . I have studied for a long time SEO. can speak a little way. But in this station. I don’t use SEO technique. But pay more attention to UE. because I believe that the users have to meet the user’s everything. The demand is what we should do. We are doing a demand to see. Do not give Baidu. GG. is not too many people now make the site do not consider UE. they lost in SEO. Here, I advise those who do good intentions. The station SEOer. station. The content is king.SEO cannot let you always in the first row. Search rules in the constantly changing. Our ideas must also be changed.

finally emphasized the user experience again. Content is king. Trust me, yes,.

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