Analysis of several management risks and Countermeasures of group buying website

Analysis of several management risks and Countermeasures of group buying website

local group has continued to have a few months, and many grassroots suffered the same customers, businesses of every hue, and during the agglomeration, excellence group owners often communicate with management, learn from each experience, summed up a few easy to produce business problems, now sorted out, and the same is the grassroots webmaster share share:

, how to do in the event of bad businesses, and several stations jointly promote the products, we met once, group purchase products made to order goods to the merchant, immediately face, hike (of course, can also be understood, perhaps we bargain too violent, business profits are too low, for this) the merchant, we absolutely do not give, rather than immediately to reason and giving the customer refund refund, also do not give the business commission increase network conditions, the most attention is the credibility of two words, for such businesses, even if the turnover of its products and customer service service is hidden! We are doing now is: one is to retain and businesses negotiation chats, two business cooperation must provide a business license and accessories, the three is to know and understand the Groupon e-commerce mode is greater than the significance of manufacturers and sales promotion For, so that you can get the largest discount is four, must adhere to the principle of cash on delivery, we generally use Alipay secured transactions. The five is a caution cosmetics group, the products are generally we require businesses to support the inspection counter, six is a small household appliance relates to customer service service, if you do not provide sales customer service address, not cheaper to do.

two, how do encounter bad customers, strictly bad customers, group purchase website also has certain responsibilities, we had a car wash, sent to Chengdu, here have to say admire Wang portable car wash car wash Liu Yufeng, manager of our business cooperation in Shijiazhuang, despite knowing that the product is because the damage of transport links in handling, and customers receive the goods directly without signature, check the goods, in order to group purchase station reputation, active commitment to customer return goods, and bear the freight loss, this thing just happen soon, "I was the head of group" to see a webmaster chat, actually to customer group purchase station promised return grounds, received 3 authentic, returned 3 counterfeit goods to return, so that businesses dumbfounding, afterwards, we think, if the group purchase station in advance Remind customers must check out the box, confirm the signature, and merchants and freight signs, unpacking inspection, signing agreement, I believe this phenomenon will not happen.

three, encounter bad group purchase station how to do, the grassroots in the network is not the enemy, but the grassroots group purchase station, malicious competition! Local group have been convinced that the Internet is a "when you put down everything, you have everything!" in the world, to the development of business resources and worked hard. In order to business products more sales, are willing to introduce other group purchase website to sold together, unfortunately, actually some and business contact, product sales, which in turn requires exclusive agency, the so-called monopoly, but the idea of naive, the Internet is so large, each site

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