How do you make CPS more effective (1)

How do you make CPS more effective (1)

How does

make CPS more effective (1)

has done League, has been a period of time, see many webmaster do CPS successful example, I hope to share with you in here I do CPS view,

takes’s "Sasa cosmetics ad" as an example. Simply advertising Banner is unlikely to bring you much advertising revenue. You need to make sure you’re doing CPS instead of CPM or CPC…

CPS to do a good job, the first point is that shopping guides do a good job, the following is a good example:


text link BOX:

BOX title to Jane and fine, for example: XX network promotion, monthly hot discount, etc….

text link content periodically according to the promotion of content advertisers and change, in the case of Sasa, with some brand publicity sentence word link will be better, for example: for your introduction of Korean skincare brand – Mook!; the perfect woman series of raw muscle – just 3 days, instant skin charge; enjoy! Professional beauty salon at home! La glace free you capture condensate muscle mask! Etc….

, this is the first time. I hope it will help everyone,

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